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Sol Harizzo

Name Sol Harizzo

Position Head Honcho

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 225lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Often described as an a-hole by those who don’t know him very well he comes across as cold and at times quite harsh.

Those that do know him well wouldn’t describe him that way, they would describe him as a total a-hole who is cold and emotionally distant at times. However they would also add that they wouldn’t trust anyone else in the universe to back them up the way that Sol would.


Personal History In the months before Alderan’s destruction, Sol Harizzo had begun to suspect that all was not as rosy in the Empire as they had been lead to believe, rumours and scuttlebutt were abound that the Emperor and his Lord Vader had secret powers and that they were using Storm Troopers to subjugate entire planets to the Emperors greater plan. It was during this period he was first approached by the Rebellion to defect and join them, only his beautiful wife Orelia kept him from doing defecting straight away.

Instead of defecting, he asked that they delay by three months which would give him time to gather data on some next-generation TIE designs he had access too and to prepare his wife and her escape plan.

This was a request that would eventually haunt him for the rest of his life.

He knew his wife was going to visit the Imperial Museum and having swapped shifts with another Captain he made his way towards Imperial Plazza to surprise her. It turned out to be his surprise as he looked down upon the Plazza and saw a squad of Storm Troopers open up with their weapons and mow down the civilians there. The official Imperial report was easy to source given his position within the Imperial Navy, locking himself away in his quarters to read the report was as it turned out the best decision he could have made. He screamed as he read their findings it was a scream of pure frustration and horror at the lies he was raising, the report stated that the deaths were caused by a rebel terror cell that had set off an explosive device in Imperial Plazza. Sol knew better, he had watched the yellow blaster bolts plunge in to the people standing there, he had seen no explosion because there hadn’t been one.

The loss of his wife cut him so deeply that he couldn’t focus on anything else for several days, when he finally came out of his funk he contacted his handler and requested that they get him out of the Navy as quickly as possible. The Rebellion refused, instead, they requested he transfer to gather intelligence on one of the Imperial Admiral’s that they thought would turn to the Rebellion, Admiral Nijaro. All avenues to Nijaro’s fleet were effectively blocked as it transpired that the Admiral would only take the best of the best pilots to his squadrons and Sol’s current unit was not elite enough to make the cut.

Throwing himself into training those around him he swallowed down his feelings and locked them away, drilling his pilots over and over he finally got his squadron transferred aboard the Victory II Class Star Destroyer Valorum where he got a chance to shine. It took over a year and many dead Rebel pilots to cement Sol’s place within Admiral Nijaro’s fleet much to the surprise of everyone Sol took command of Nijaro’s person