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Aldoh Damari

Name Aldoh Damari

Position Bounty Hunter


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kajain’sa’Nikto (Red Nikto)
Homeworld Kintan
Age 60

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9m (6ft 2in)
Weight 102.1kg (225lbs)
Hair Color none
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kajain'sa'Nikto or "Red Nikto" are adapted to survive in the Wannschok, or "Endless Wastes", a desert region on Kintan. They have a series of forehead ridges and small facial horns surrounding their eyes and on the chin. Their noses are covered with a movable flap of skin and a semi-permeable membrane which allows them to breathe without ingesting sand and grit. The Kajain'sa'Nikto also have a pair of breathing tubes on each side of the neck with openings covered by similar membranes. These membranes also trapp exhaled water vapor and send it back into their system. Their equivalent of smiling is flattening their mouth flaps.

Aldoh is in prime fighting trim and looks it. Though he is 60 years old chronologically, the length of the Nikto lifespan means that biologically, in Human terms, he’s in his mid to late 20s.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aldoh is not necessarily a nice or even good person. You can’t be if you do what he does for a living. But his unlikely friendship with the presumably late Jedi Master Braedyn Tann put things in a different perspective for him.

If you’re a criminal and you broke a deal with another criminal or stolen from those you shouldn’t have, don’t expect pity from Aldoh when he comes to collect the bounty on your head. But Aldoh won’t go after civilians, no matter what you offer to pay him.

Aldoh takes work from Hutt Cartels, other crime Syndicates, private corporations, governments, and individuals. He’ll also take work from those who need help and have nowhere else to turn, frequently for alternative forms of compensation (restocking his ship, a portion of recovered goods, even a safe place to stay for a stretch of time, etc). Sometimes he’ll even take a job for the opportunity it gives him to take a completely separate bounty or to acquire something of value (either to him personally or to someone who might pay a hefty sum for it).

Aldoh doesn’t seek trouble unless there’s a good reason (money, a righteous cause, honor, etc), but if you come to him seeking trouble and refuse to walk away, trouble you will find.


Personal History Growing up on Kintan, Aldoh Damaris underwent rigorous training to become a Morgukai. As is traditional, he was trained by his father. When his father considered Aldoh ready, he brought the boy along with him on various adventures (similar to the way a Jedi Knight or Master trains a Padawan). He became a skilled warrior, trained to take on and defeat many foes, even the mighty Jedi. trained well enough to work on his own, he began to take on work for various clients, including Hutt Cartels and other criminal organizations, but also corporate and government clients. He worked as a bounty hunter, a bodyguard, and even a courier. During this time, which began some three decades BBY, some of his work involved clashes with various Jedi Knights, whether because he was hunting them or because their goals went against the interests of his clients. After General Order 66, Aldoh spent a short time making his living hunting fleeing Jedi… until he met Jedi Master Braedyn Tann.

While pursuing Tann, both Aldoh’s ship and Tann’s ship crashed on a remote planet far out in the Outer Rim. The two men were forced to work together to survive. Mistrust became a sort of mutual respect, tentative at first, but it grew stronger over their stay on the planet. Tann earned Aldoh’s trust through patience and perseverance and a genuine interest in learning more about his former enemies, the Morgukai.

After a time, the two men were able to get Aldoh’s ship working again, but Tann’s was a complete loss. It had mostly disintegrated and burned up upon entry into the planet’s atmosphere. Braedyn had managed to eject in a lifepod just before the ship broke up and burned up completely.

Aldoh was back to his fighting trim by this point, but Braedyn was not a young man. He was strong in the ways of the force, but he was not a physical match for Aldoh. And there was a matter of honor. Braedyn had helped Aldoh when he could have just killed the Morgukai, repaired his ship, and continued running. Braedyn and Aldoh slagged Braedyn’s pod and Aldoh left Braedyn out there on the Rim with the understanding that he could never return to what was then the Empire, that he would have to accept exile for life, for both of their sakes. They knew there were people on the planet, primitive though they were. The two men had befriended some of the natives and Braedyn was content to stay with and live out his remaining days with them. The two men parted ways, never to see each other again. Braedyn’s ultimate fate is unknown to Aldoh, but the Morgukai has decided to let Braedyn live out the rest of his days in peace, away from the strife of galactic politics.

Aldoh was deeply affected by his encounter with Master Tann. From that point forward, he took no further Jedi bounties except when the Jedi in question involved themselves in criminal activity, in which case they were fair game. Aldoh did his best to avoid confrontations with any Jedi in hiding. He even helped a few here and there. He continued to take Bounties for the Hutt Cartels, but none from the Empire. He also took jobs for the Rebel Alliance, which made him extremely unpopular with the Empire.

The fall of the Empire and the return of the Republic meant little in the way of change for Aldoh. He continues to offer his services to those who can afford him. That he also sometimes helps those in need for little to no compensation is something he likes to keep quiet.


Basic Ship Maintenance and Repair
Bounty Hunting
Personal Protection
Basic First Aid (his work is dangerous; sometimes he has to patch himself up, other times he has to patch up someone he’s protecting or a bounty that is supposed come in alive)


2 Morgukai Cortosis Staffs

This is a lance-style version of a Jedi or Sith Lightsaber. One has staff is just over 1.2 meters (4ft) in length. The “blade” is 3.48 centimeters (12 inches) in length. There is a generator in the staff that powers the blade and allows it to release electrical energy into the target. The body of the staff is laced with Cortosis and very strong. Cortosis is naturally resistant to lightsabers and other energy blades, as well as energy weapon fire. It is strong in general and can be used to parry blows from physical weapons as well. The other staff is just over 1.5 meters (5ft) in length. Otherwise, the longer staff is identical to the shorter one.

The staffs can be used as a lightspear, a lightlance, a lightstaff, and an electrostaff.

1 suit of Cortosis Armor with several replacement pieces
Aldoh’s standard battle kit consists of cortosis armor that protects him from blaster fire, lightsaber attacks, and attacks with standard melee and projectile weapons.

Cortosis Daggers
Aldoh has two daggers laced with cortosis
Survival/Utility Knife


Lost Fortune
*Named so because at the time he acquired the ship, he gave over a small fortune in the purchase. Nevertheless, Lost Fortune has since paid for itself.

MandalMotors Lancer Class Pursuit Craft

Max Atmo Speed 1050 kph
Length 34 meters

Class 2 Hyperdrive
Class 12 Backup Hyperdrive

Dorsal Mounted Triple Light Laser Cannon Turret
Forward Mounted Twin Light Laser Cannon
Ventral Mounted Tractor Beam Projector

Crew 2 (Pilot/Co-Pilot)

*Aldoh's usual pilot/co-pilot is an RX series pilot droid, RX-E AKA Roxie (See below).

Minimum Crew 1 (Pilot)

Passengers 4

Consumables 3 months

Life Support: Equipped

Communications: Equipped


RX-E AKA Roxie (the use of the "E" instead of a number is because she has been "Enhanced" after market; of course, that voided her warrantee...)

Roxie has been modified. Her AI normally resides in the ship's computer and can control the ship from there. If she needs to do ship maintenance and repair, or even exit the ship, she can inhabit a modified RX Series droid body and move about the ship. This set up leaves the co-pilot's seat open for other's to sit in.