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Kasee Mandu

Name Kasee Mandu

Position Combat Medic

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Homeworld Corellian
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 205 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Mandu is not alll that impressive at an even six feet tall; his black hair contrasting piercing blue eyes like the sky on a sun filled day. He tends to promote a passive posture for the most part, almost unnoticeable except thee DC-17 he keeps on on a thigh rig at arm’s reach. The weapon seems to be well maintained and with short flash suppressor. The belt has a nice meta sectioned along the waist with a decorative buckle. The Vibro-Knife on his left side beside the Pouch of scalpels and an ever present Satchel is a Surplus medical bag. He tends to wear a leather long jacket to cover the 3-section staff that connects into an Eletrostaff.

He is a quiet man who seems comfortable in hos own skin; he keeps to himself and a bit hard to read, he had the look of someone who knows something he is not telling. He is a watcher of people and not attuned to getting involved but avoiding problems and will walk away from situation looking like trouble. He likes to lean on things and prefers tall stools to flat chairs when taking a seat. His body language is more how he communicates than with words coupled with impulsive actions that seem to get results.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mandu is a man of duality; he was trained as a Medic for a Commando insertion squad; thus he is versed in weapons and combat that comes into conflict with his desire to ‘Do no Harm.’ In his mind he overcomes this clashing of beliefs by ending a conflict quickly and efficiently. His goal is to do what is needed to keep as many lives safe. He can be a cold Commando and help rig a Ship to explode with all hands, knowing the ship in question is aggressively killing and causing terror. He dislikes Pirates in all forms; smugglers are tolerated and Psychopaths should be put out of everyone ease's misery.

Peace takes force; a motto he had learned in his more active times and he would kill without hesitation to protect those wounded under his care. He also is reluctant to form bonds with people but once he accepts would do anything to protect. Then scold you for getting yourself into trouble after he saves you, spouting some Philosophical babble to cover his point He is a proponent of herbal medicines and practitioner of all but lost arts. He became a healer first and fought only to stop violence and harm of people with the knowledge that Fighting for a cause is not violence, uncontrolled rage or for the rush is violence defined.

He is a philosophical man who has a strict code of honor and vow to heal others when he can. This might appear a conflict but to Mandu there is a balance between them he is on a road to discover and implement this balance. Thought a trained Martial artist and commando he is a pacifist by choice, not fear and tries for avoidance of harm over aggressively stopping it.


Personal History Born in 3 BBY as the third child Mandu was not spoiled but had some favorable upbringing. His father was a Business man who did very well for himself in the Transportation industry; he was a skilled smuggler. He made the creds to have the good schooling and even some hobbies. Yet the wild young Mandu tended to get in over his head trying to look out for the Little Guy; as he was only a Medium guy and not big enough to really quell the fights.

His desire to help got him in more trouble and fights to a point he sought out lessons in combat. A Humble Master asked why the youth wanted to fight?

“To protect others from bullies and those Aliens that abuse their advantage in bulk.
“You want to hurt people?” The Master asked.
“I want to help people not get hurt.” Mandu told.
“First you learn to heal people, then I will teah you to fight.”

Thus Mandu started to learn Herbal and other Healing techniques; harvesting the materials for healing potions and meds. The physical work to do so was coupled with Lessons on how to fight. He also took the Philosophy to only Harm if needed rather than Kill. He became more of a pacifist on the outside; trying to be a peacekeeper, but ended any altercations quickest way he could and decisively.

The Roof caved in when His Father was working for the Criminals that paid well but also he had taken contracts for supplying the growing rebellion. His ship was caught and father executed with his ship. Suddenly the Teen was making a living and the Criminal Honcho of his sector of the planet put a debt for the lost cargo on Mandu. Forcing service to a Crime Organization. He was placed with an Enforcer team and his limited skills in medicine quickly brought him to notice. The decision to send Mandu to Formal training as an Indentured Servant and added debt. His mother became ‘Entertainment and Mandu tried to do what he could but in a rage for her not liking one of the customers the thug shot her. Mandu could not work for someone that cold; he studied and mastered Field Medicine and Surgery with a deft Skill Level. Quickly being put aside for seeing to the Boss and his circle. A coupe came and the Boss wounded in the exchange; Mandu had a promise to have all his debt forgiven if he could heal the Murdering Criminal. It was too good to pass up and he saved the Boss, only to be set up in a practice that catered only to the scum.

A group of Freedom Fighters brought in wounded and Mandu saw to them; and with the risk he opted to be out from under the Criminal Organization . Joining the rebellion he quickly became a Field Medic and seemed to be always on the run. He did pick up the Team that did Covert Operations and raids; having a high casualty rate it was a logical fit. Mandu tried not to do harm but stay back and heal or give cover fire. The actions of the Rebel Cell became more brazen and higher risk. The female Lead had come to depend upon Mandu to watch her back; it was something he found himself volunteering to do both on and off duty. . His activity in the Cell was more involved and skills with a weapon better as he fiercely defended patients, thus his skill as a marksman improved as it is very difficult to hit without killing but incapacitate. Droxa lead by example and was always at the front; her luck ran out and she was killed on a mission.

Mandu went back to being on the Command Ship in the Hospital; no more blowing things up; sniper cover nor putting his head out any farther. And everyone is a Patient or potential patient from now on. He would socialize by staying on the rim of the circles. His Bedside manner was the only welcoming side of him and most did not want to be wounded enough to see that side of him. Still he was just patching people together and making the dying comfortable; in other words, he was a Doctor for once in his life. Combat was not his game, too much can be lost.

It was on a supply Run that the trouble started; while getting medical supplies the ‘exchange was jumped by some Drug Cartel; they fought for the drugs. Mandu would not allow them to fall, his old DL-17 with mods was a grat weapon and he caught sight of the helmeted leader and made an off center chest shot, bringing the leader down. The supplies were safe. What is not realized until Mandu’s name came with Bounty Hunters looking for him that his mistake is clear. The Leader was a nephew on his first time leading a “Snatch and Grab’ that should have gone off easy. There was a bounty on his head and that risked lives in his Cell.

Knowing he could not run it was on a small Cantina; the planet not all that important as he was not going to leave it without a larger bounty or not care when they took him? He was a fast man for a Doctor and took out the man who came to collect; the sniper who covered the Hunter took Mandu.

He did not see it coming.