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Rhea Nyx

Name Rhea Nyx

Position The Protector

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Homeworld Mandalore

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140

Personality & Traits

General Overview Closed and guarded, Rhea has not given much away about herself to those of Grey Wing Squadron. They're aware that she has been instrumental in the success of several missions and that she often only interacts with Sol or other key members of the Squadron. However, she's aware of the names of all operators amongst Grey Wing, even if most of the lower echelons of the crews are unaware of her name.

Rhea is the epitome of fearlessness in the cockpit of her Fang Fighter. She is known for pulling unexpected manoeuvres and taking risks by flying up close and facing the enemy directly before sending in a kill shot, making the Concordia Face-Off manoeuvre one of her favourite and most efficient ways to deal with enemies. In a typical Mandalorian fashion, Rhea Nyx is all business when it comes to all kinds of weapons, munitions, strategic planning, making her strikes deadly inside the cockpit as well as outside of it.

Outside of the cockpit, she often uses a variety of tools and tactics at her disposal, including means that can be considered diplomatic and those that don't lead to unnecessary bloodshed. This mix is part of what makes her a dangerous adversary since it isn't always known which approach she will take until said approach is in the process of being taken.

When on base, she can usually be found studying holomaps and various ship specs at all sorts of hours of the day or night, planning assorted sorties or in the security office that became her own office once she chose to stay with the Wing. Outside of that, she trains the crews and squads on ground combat and tactics making sure they stay sharp. She tends to move very quickly and deliberately, even on the ground. Rarely seen sleeping or resting or doing anything that can pass as 'downtime' for a typical person, choosing to spend her time either working on fixing her Fang Fighter or occupying her mind in other ways, mostly keeping to herself outside of training/ops discussions.

Although Rhea carries an air of authority about her and has a commanding presence about her when she needs to, she'd rather not deal with people outside of tactical planning/operations/battle dialogues; choosing to focus on 'business' rather than small talk or anything else. She can sometimes appear cold and even arrogant/dismissive but based on her behaviour inside and outside the cockpit of her Fang Fighter, squadron members can decipher how intense and focused she is on a target in her sights. Whether the focus is on causing damage or protecting the members of Grey Squad (whether from outside elements or from elements within the squadron itself) even whilst putting her own life on the line, Rhea has her own reasons for keeping her distance from those around her. Despite whatever shenanigans, deals, contacts she deals with to get things done, Rhea's loyalties and priorities lie with Grey Wing.


Personal History She has shared little of her past, background or what has happened to her with Sol and the other members of Grey Wing. They are all aware of her intense dislike for the Empire, New Republic as well as her weariness when it comes to dealing with bounty hunters and smugglers as well as the generic shady elements that come in the line of work Grey Wing deals with. However it is very clear her dislike for the Empire is much bigger, for reasons related to her upbringing and her past. Specifics of which she's yet to share with anyone in the Wing.

Rhea has a knack for coming up with information, contacts and assets that some would question how far her connections go. This is another thing she doesn't talk about, choosing to focus on using the tools she has at her disposal to protect Grey Wing and to do her job within the code of honor ingrained within her since she was young.

Whilst she is considered a member of the Wing's Inner Circle by Sol and the others, and is the closest thing the squadron has to an executive officer, she often leaves to operate alone, returning to take part in missions she should have no knowledge of.

On several occasions, she has managed to arrive at the right moment to turn the tide of engagement in the Wing's favour only to disappear again as if she were never there in the first place. For that reason, as well as her protective nature when it comes to members of Grey Wing, keeping distance outside of operational requirements and given her secrecy, the pilots and denizens of Grey Wing Squadron have taken to referring to her as 'the Protector' amongst themselves.