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Sara Wood

Name Sara Wood

Position Bounty Hunter

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Homeworld Corellia
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Sara Wood stands at 6 feet tall she has a medium build, she has long red hair and Hazel eyes but few people ever see this as its usually hidden by her Mandalorian helmet, her Mandalorian armour hides her true body form

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sara Wood is a a mission focussed individual once driven purely by the need for revenge against those that had sold her into slavery and the Hutt gangster who kept her as his slave chained to his throne for almost six years, now her drive is to hunt and or kill anyone and everyone who she is paid to capture or kill.
Given Sara has no true friends very few people know that she is a kind and compassionate person, she shows a lot of empathy towards those less fortunate than she is, she has been known to risk sums of credits to win the freedom of slaves from cruel masters, and then set them free on the proviso they walked away and never looked back.


Personal History Sara having escaped from the clutches of the Hutt gangster known as Gotruba the Hutt in 5BBY: only had two outcomes in mind now she was free, one was to avenge the horrors she suffered at the hands of the Hutt and two find and kill those who lured her away from her home world of Corellia into the clutches of the Hutt, began to work her butt off for 9 long and hard years to earn the attentions of the Hutt she had once given pleasure to, worked any and all jobs she could find in the service of various employers who didn't care who she was or where she came from, so long as she got the job they hired her for done and done in a timely fashion, any targets wanted brought in alive were delivered to the contractor kicking and screaming, those wanted brought in dead were delivered to the client as requested in a bodybag, enemies of clients that had to be assassinated met an appropriate end as per the requirements of the contract.
In 0BBY Sara was hired by a wealthy individual on Coruscant to track down two individuals who had lured the man's daughter off Coruscant by deception and trickery, she was now nothing more than a prostitute working in a cheap brothel on Nar Shaddaa, the descriptions of the men involved matched those of the two men she wanted to find and kill. The contract from the man on Coruscant proved to be quite fruitful, as his information led her straight to the men, who were in the process of recruiting more vulnerable females, this time on the planet Alderaan, they never completed their latest recruitment drive for galactic sex trade.
It would take Sara another 4 years to earn enough of a reputation to gain an invitation to Nal Hutta and to the palace of Gotruba the Hutt, who was notoriously hard to gain an audience with, the likelihood was that she wouldn't be permitted before Gotruba the Hutt heavily armed thus, she had made use of the fact that the Hutt often sent his serving droids to be repaired at a local repair shop, as he didn't have any servants or slaves to do the work, she picked a time when the repair shop would be unattended and installed a sabotage device in the newly serviced droid, and then made her way to the palace. Once inside she allowed herself to be searched by two Gamorrean thugs who allowed her to proceed into meet with Gotruba the Hutt as she was, but as she expected there were too many thugs and bodyguards in the throne room to stand a chance to shoot the Hutt dead, half an hour into the meeting with Gotruba the Hutt the service droid she tampered with entered the throne room and positioned itself next to the Hutt, Sara kept talking with the Hutt the thermal sensor built into her helmet detected that the droid's power core was overheating, and within fifteen minutes it reached the temperature at which it would explode, and on cue it blew up, it was so close to Gotruba the Hutt the explosion combined with shrapnel from the droid made sure Gotruba the Hutt died there and then.
Sara left the palace amidst the chaos that ensued following the brutal and untimely demise of the Hutt overlord, she was above blame as she was stood there passively at the moment that the faulty droid killed Gotruba the Hutt, she left Nal Hutta extremely satisfied she had finally gotten her revenge against all of those responsible for six years of hell as the Hutt's slave girl.
In the years since Gotruba the Hutt's untimely demise Sara has not stopped proving herself one of the best Bounty Hunters and Assassins for hire in the galaxy, no job was too big or too small, so long as she got paid at the end of the job she would hunt or kill anyone, especially those who were cruel towards those less fortunate than themselves.