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Elam Tash

Name Elam Tash

Position The Caretaker

Second Position Base Operations

Character Information

Gender Male

Physical Appearance

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elam keeps things running on base making sure people have whatever supplies they need whether it’s food, fuel, etc. Is quite resourceful when it comes to fulfilling people's requests. Can be seen as the Squad’s Caretaker in many ways as he takes care of the ground and aircrews/pilots' needs. He is a mechanic/engineer by trade and can fix pretty much anything someone has difficulty with. Is very good at stretching the limits on parts and things, but keeping it within safe parameters. Elam also keeps up to date on most current operations the operatives of the squad undertake.

Elam is the guy who takes care of folks on the base, especially when Rhea and Sol are away. He doesn't get involved in planning operations or anything administrative, nor does he do any operations himself. He is happy to do his part on the ground fixing broken ships and gadgets and keeping the people on the ground happy by taking care of their needs.

He has an easy-going attitude, quite friendly with most people.


Personal History Elam doesn't talk much about his past, but it's visible he loves tinkering with ships and other mechanical devices. By looking at him, you can't tell whether the smile and the easy-going attitude is a result of how easy his life's been or a cover for something much more painful.