A Jedi Story

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Grey Wing recovers after a run in with the New Republic and the input of a Hutt crime family.

Throughout all of this a Jedi story emerges whether Grey Wing wants it too or not.

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Included Missions

Shades of Hope

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Grey Wing is tasked by the crew of Imperial Star Destroy Lost Hope to engage another Imperial Remnant who is threatening to take over an area of space under the protection of Admiral Tailsis. For the Hope or any of the Admiral's ships to intervene it would only fan the flames and bring the differing remnants in to a battle where only one can win.

A Bothan Without A Cause

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The latest bounty is in and its a surprising one as the New Republic call on Grey Wing to rid them of a Bothan spy who has gone off of the rails.

Vipers Nest

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With much of Grey Wing still fighting against Moff Traylen the groups Inner Core is tasked with finding an old pre-Imperial laboratory and returning the research to the Vethen family. Their journey unlocks knowledge long buried and changes the course of Grey Wing's future forever.

When a Hutt Laughs

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It has all come crashing down for Sol Harizzo and the denizens of Grey Wing the company they had built crushed under the boot of the New Republic after a series of bad decisions which left the grey's the biggest thorn in the New Republic's side.

So comes a time to rebuild for Grey Wing unfortunately for everyone involved it quickly becomes apparent that there is a Hutt in the background pull all of the strings and forcing Grey Wing to dance to their tune.