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Touch and Go

Posted on Tuesday September 22nd, 2020 @ 12:24am by Rhea Nyx & Sol Harizzo

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Zhar System
Timeline: MD1-0036

Sol brought the shuttle around in a lazy arch as he approached their bolt hole in the Zhar system he still felt oddly out of sorts with himself. The time spent meditating before heading to the bolt hole had not given him much in the way of clarity and unusually afterwards he had suffered the most terrible nightmares which he knew was odd as for most of his life he had never even remembered dreaming. His palms went sweaty again for the twentieth time that day he was beginning to worry that something was seriously wrong with his body as every time it happened he was feeling cool, calm and collected with his heart rate at resting. The only time that this didn’t happen to him was during missions he was simply fine at those times.

The shuttle touched down with the slightest bump a testament to his piloting skills, not that it mattered he was the only humanoid aboard the two IG series assassin droids he carried in the back were both shut down so didn’t even known they had flown across the rim to the Zhar system. Standing he took off his flight gloves and shoved them into the pack he had next to his chair, standing he stretched and cracked his neck.

“Time to face the music~” He said to himself as he moved towards the IG Droids and activated each one in turn, it took a few moments for their systems to boot up as each droid was rather long in the tooth now and certainly needed more maintenance than the bi-monthly oil baths that Grey Wing managed for them. The first droid was operational Sol watched him scan the room.

“Where is the bag man?” The droid enquired using one of the nicknames that Carlist had been known by.

Sol shrugged “He got off along the way”

Ignoring further comment from the droid Sol opened the shuttle's hatch to see Rhea stood there arms crossed waiting for him.

Sol walked past her as the Mandalorian slipped off her helmet after discreetly scanning him to get his vitals.

“Get this shuttle emptied,” He said gruffly “I’ve got somewhere to be urgently”

Rhea raised an eyebrow and made a series of gestures calling to ground crews to do as Sol asked as she caught up with the man.

She bit back a retort, forcing herself to avoid creating a scene and making the already edgy Grey Wing Squad even edgier. She gestured for people to stay away and give the two of them some room.

"And where would that be?" she asked evenly as she cast a side glance at the man, gauging his reaction. He seemed fine, or what passed as relatively fine for Sol Harizzo, but Rhea knew firsthand how this can be the furthest thing from the truth. She gathered something else was going on, other than the Squadron having to make a hasty escape from the Horizon base shortly before its destruction. Sol's delay in getting here didn't help, but she held off on asking these questions for now.

"Bad news en route" He said gruffly as he lent back against a nearby wall "Now I have to shoot off and try to pull our arse from the fire before it starts burning."

‘How bad?’ Rhea wondered to herself, casting a glance at the squadron’s members milling around just out of the earshot, before returning her gaze to Sol. Her lips pressed together in a thin line, the Mandalorian stayed quiet.

He didn't look at Rhea when he spoke, instead his glare was fixed on the floor about 3 meters in front of him he was silent for a moment before continuing.

"Get everyone settled back at Havoc and wait for me there, I will have more to say when I get back. If you don't hear from me inside of 3 days presume I'm not coming back and go to ground."

“Will do,” she underscored the comment with a nod before saying anything else.

“Where are you going?” She asked, she didn’t need to know the details he didn’t want to reveal just yet, but her concerns lay elsewhere for the time being. “Because if I don’t hear back from you inside of 3 days, I’m coming to get you.” She spoke firmly, her voice indicating she wasn’t going to budge on this as she fixed him with a steady look, her grasp firm on the Mandalorian helmet tucked under her right arm.

Sol shook his head slightly before answering.

"No, you will not" He breathed deeply calming himself before adding "If I'm not back in 3 days there won't be anything of me left to rescue. Either this goes well and I never need to speak of it again, or it goes okay and we have a millstone around our necks for a while. But if it goes badly." He mimed cutting his own throat.

Rhea took in a long breath and let it out, mentally ripping at her short hair in frustration, "Haar'chak, Harizzo!" she swore in a low tone, watching him, her eyes briefly ablaze with a mix of emotions that all bordered on the spectrum of what Mandalorians were well-known for. She would have to reach out to her own contacts to find out where he was going, in case he needed backup. She hoped it wouldn't come to going as badly as he said, but after everything that's happened so far, Rhea wasn't about to discount that option, especially given what just happened recently. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in and let it out, opening her eyes once again she watched Sol for a few moments before saying anything else.

"You know you don't have to go through all this on your own, right?" she asked, keeping her voice low, her tone gentle. "It is not just your burden to carry," she added, her voice was matter-of-fact yet kind and even compassionate for someone whose body count was way well beyond any numerical charts currently available.

Again Sol shook his head.

"The terms of the arrangement are such that I must do this alone, anyone else who comes along will be dispatched."

He forced his scowl to soften and turned to look at Rhea for the first time.

"For once in your life please do as I'm asking, I'm trusting Grey Wing to you if I don't come back. I am trusting you to save what is most important."

Rhea's lips curled into what could pass as a brief lopsided smile, but the smile didn't touch her eyes, "funny of you to assume I was asking to come with, Harizzo" she spoke, her voice was void of any humour. "I just said if you don't come back, I'm coming to get you out," she noted, casting a glance at the helmet under her arm before turning to look at Sol again.

"But, don't worry, I'll take care of Grey Wing," she said with a nod, "always have," she added, a slight smile flashing across her lips. The smile disappeared as Rhea Nyx was all business again. "You have my word," she inclined her head towards him as if underscoring the words she just spoke. She may no longer be what she used to be, and Sol and the rest weren’t even aware of that part of her past, but Rhea Nyx’s word still carried a lot of weight to those she worked with, she made sure of that.

Sol just nodded he was silent again until the shuttle was prepped with little more than a salute in Rhea's direction he disappeared inside the shuttle and prepared for take off.

Rhea took in a long breath and let it out, slowly, refraining from doing something she’d regret in an instant. She pinched the bridge of her nose, not allowing herself to react in any ways unbecoming of someone in her position; lest she makes members of the squad anymore edgier than they already were. She knew she would have to field a lot of questions soon, this wasn’t something she was looking forward to; she would rather be caught up in a crossfire between imperials and rebels, at least there she knew what to do with her eyes closed.

“We are SO going to have a long talk once you’re back, Harizzo,” she said under her breath as she popped her helmet over her head. She watched the shuttle take off through her helmet’s scanners, wondering if she would ever see the Grey Wing Leader again, half-wondering what would happen if he didn’t make it back. she pushed the impending dreary thoughts aside. Now was not the time to dwell, reminisce, get upset about the past, or wonder about possible futures that may not even happen. Bringing herself back to the present, Rhea watched the skies until the shuttle disappeared from her sights.

“K’oyacyi, Harizzo!” she spoke. “K’oyacyi“ she repeated the Mando’a command wishing Harizzo good luck and for him to stay alive.

Taking in a long breath and letting it out slowly, the Mandalorian made a quick move towards the makeshift operations center; she had work to do before she could even call for a briefing, let alone face the impending volley of questions from the Grey Wing denizens.


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