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Meeting the worm

Posted on Saturday October 3rd, 2020 @ 5:54pm by Sol Harizzo

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Nal Hutta
Timeline: MD2-1745

Sol sighed as he was pushed from side to side between two Gamorrean guards, this Hutt was currently living up to every Hutt based cliche that existed in the universe. When he had arrived and announced himself he had been stripped of his weapons, including they believed the hidden blade stored in his left boot.

Concerned as always about the death of their overlord the Gamorrean's couldn't conscience Sol bringing a weapon into the Hutt's chambers, any damage he did would be wrought on the guards twice over.

As he was finally brought into the grand audience chamber he was surprised that before him was a female Hutt it was almost unheard of for the females to be the leaders of criminal empires simply because the male Hutt's tended to kill anyone in their way. Off to the left he could see another younger Hutt obviously a male, perhaps even related to the main Hutt.

Sol's blood chilled as the Hutt before him began to laugh, her flesh jiggled as she did so. The slaves around her tried to pull away from her so as not to feel the hideous flesh against them, this caused her to laugh more and pull on their leashes. Sol was about to speak when the Hutt held up a pudgy hand to stop him.

"So you are the wonderful Sol Harizzo, master of Grey Wing then?" Spit fell from her mouth as she spoke some of it reaching to the floor by Sol's feet.

"Indeed I am and to which Hutt am I speaking with so far no one I have met have dared say your name."

More chuckles from the Hutt caused her flesh to ripple again."

"Impertinent human" Said a 3PO droid stood next to the other Hutt "Bow when you speak to the great Narbel Vethen leader of the great Clan Vethen."

Sol wasn't sure who this other Hutt was still but the way he had spoken through his droid told him that it was another member of clan Vethen, no one else would have the political capital to speak up like that."

Narbel stopped laughing and fixed the other Hutt in a killer stare before she said something in Huttese which caused the other Hutt to lower his head in subservience. Sol noted that whilst the hutt was affecting a subservient position the murderous look on his face gave away his true feelings.

Without warning Narbel slithered forward and grabbed Sol's chin in her chubby paw.

"Oh pleasant you are to look at for a Humanoid" the way she said the word humanoid filled it with a venom that suggested she didn't like humanoids at all "At least if you fail me you will make good slave stock. Release him" She shouted as she slithered back to her podium, her slaves helping to push her bulk back to where it belonged. "I have nothing to fear from this mercenary." She laughed "for he has sent his emissary to bargen already." She pointed up to the wall behind Sol he turned to look and suppressed his surprise when he saw a figure hung there encased in carbonite.

"Master Rokenan has already brought us many credits in your name, sadly for you he couldn't calculate the interest correctly and for that he will forever hang as a reminder to those who would cheat a Hutt."

There were murmurs from those arrayed around the edge of the room Sol couldn't make out anything that was being said but figured it was a mixture of adoration for the Hutt and fear that they would be next. They continued until Narbel signalled for everyone to leave.

"My toy and I simply must discuss" She paused to snack on a nearby crunch bug "Business"

Around them the room slowly emptied until there were only a few guards, an obvious bounty hunter and a small Rodian.

"Mistress" The 3PO droid broke the silence "Master Trurpharphish wishes to stay; he does not feel it is safe for you to be alone with this creature."

Narbel laughed again causing the 3PO droid to cower away this earned it a smack from its master.

"Dear brother, you will address me directly when you wish to talk to me, I was considering letting you stay but now you have offended me. Away with you."

It took a few minutes to maneuver Trurpharphish out of the room on his repulsor couch, unlike his sister who still moved under her own power from what he had seen so far her brother had already given himself over to technology and no longer liked to move under his own power.

The pair were silent for several minutes neither one wanting to be the first to speak, Sol knew it was a power game between the pair of them. The next few minutes would define whether Grey Wing survived this encounter or whether they found themselves hunted down by the bounty hunters of clan Vethen, eventually Narbel slid forward again.

"I knew when I first heard you had left Imperial service that you were a unique person Sol Harizzo" She licked his cheek and rubbed herself against him "I think it is safe to say that I know more about you than you even know yourself, I know every mission you ever undertook for the Empire and every mission you were involved in with the Rebel's. I know where you came from and where you grew up in ways that you wouldn't believe."

She slid away again to find another bug to crunch on returning a minute later to continue what she was saying.

"Seeing you begin life as a mercenary was just too sweet an opportunity to pass up for clan Vethen, our own private military that the other Hutt Clans are unaware of" She made a horrible gurgling noise which Sol presumed was some kind appreciative noise. "We of Clan Vethen have supported you from behind the scenes, ensured that you were chosen by warlords and rebels alike to carry out their dirt work." She laughed again "We even ensured that the Warlords left the New Republic alone long enough for them to target you to facilitate this meeting."

"There was no amount of money that your friend could bring that would appease me enough to free you now, not after we’ve worked so hard to secure your services Sol Harizzo I was thinking of allowing you a long lead however your friend has messed that up for you.” She pointed at Rokenan again “He took out the currency I presume you told him to but he only delivered two thirds of it to my hands and that will never do.”

“There it was” Sol thought to himself “the proof of what Rokenan had expected there isn’t a single thing that Grey Wing does that the Hutt isn’t aware of, she has built herself into the whole outfit.” Not wanting to stop the information he was gathering by interjecting.

“So mercenary. This leaves you and I with an issue. I feel slighted by Grey Wing and I always get my satisfaction and I feel slighted by you Sol Harizzo for sending someone you couldn’t trust properly.”

She slid her tongue up Sol’s face again again and made that appreciative noise.

“So I propose this you will be taking on several important tasks for me which will be completed without issue, for every mission you fail a member of your precious Grey Wing will adorn my wall here for 100 years.” She moved closer again and slobbered over him “And for you Sol, for you the price is higher. You will be my private mercenary, from time to time I will give you very special jobs which you must complete alone or as close to it as you can achieve. For everyone you achieve I will grant you a tidbit of information about your history that you don’t know, for every one you fail I’ll destroy something that you may never find out on your own.”

Sol concentrated on not reacting to her slobbering despite every inch of his body wanting to push the bulbous creature away from him, despite his brain being occupied he did realise one thing. This Hutt knew something about him personally that Sol didn’t and was dangling it in front of him.

Finally he spoke.

“You keep alluding to information you have about me that I don’t and there is no such thing, why would that compel me to work for you so?”

Narbel snarled and bounced Sol to the floor pinning him there with her weight she growled at him.
“There are a great many things you don’t know about Sol Harizzo and I am going to enjoy breaking them to you piece by piece, by the time I’m done you will be a different man and much much more suited to being my agent than you very considerable skills make you know. If you want proof it will be provided when you leave.”

She slithered off him.

“Until you leave tomorrow you will be my guest as we eat.”

Sol’s stomach turned at the thought of eating with a Hutt knowing how they liked live food, but he realised very quickly that he had no choice here.”

* * *

The shuttle was refueled already and loaded with several packages belonging to Wam, the Rodian himself was currently asleep in the back of the shuttle, his ears covered by some device which apparently kept the noise out.

Sol put his hand inside his pocket and clasped the data stick he had been given the previous night by one of the bounty hunters serving Trurpharphish, Sol had looked at it briefly long enough to ascertain that it was full of various threats against him if ever stepped out of line. Later when he reviewed it further he would find a series of so called red lines that the Hutt had decreed would trigger the destruction of Grey Wing and all that Sol held dear.

No matter how repulsive he found Narbel he had realised very quickly that for a Hutt she was pretty straight and narrow about the things she wanted. Her brother Trurpharphish however was a completely different ball game, he was out to get whatever he could for himself and was without a doubt plotting against his sister even as Sol stood here ready to leave. He knew that at some point Trurpharphish would become such a problem that he would have to remove him with or without Narbel’s consent.

Sol waited 5 more minutes until a shifty looking Twi'lek came towards him.

“The lady Narbel wishes you well and provides you with three missions, all of the information you need is contained within this data stick.” Wordlessly Sol took the stick and placed it in his other pocket already feeling the silent pull between two masters.

He didn’t look back as he boarded his shuttle and took off from Nal Hutta, had he done so he would have seen Narbel Vethen watching him leave.


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