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Meeting a wookie

Posted on Thursday October 15th, 2020 @ 10:56pm by Sara Wood & Igehr

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Zahn system hide-y-hole
Timeline: MD2-1200

Sara was exploring the makeshift base trying to get a better sense of what was and what wasn't there, when she came across what appeared to be the medical centre, she had seen many medical facilities across the galaxy, and was about to walk past, when she noticed something she didn't expect to find, a Wookie, a male Wookie inside.

Sara did a double take just to make sure she wasn't imagining things, she wasn't, besides the fact there was a Wookie in the medical facility, she noted that this example of a usually hairy Wookie was lacking a sizable sum of hair on its back, she couldn't resist the temptation to ask the Wookie about its rather bare back, and find out how it came to be here, she wasn't expecting to find a Wookie here at all.

"Excuse me, i don't mean to intrude," Sara said walking into the med-bay hoping that she didn't frighten the Wookie and that it was at least somewhat friendly otherwise she might be in strife.

Igehr turned from his task and looked down at the lady in front of him she looked in one piece to him, that confused him slightly as to why she was bothering him when he was trying to stock take before their move to the main base.

"Why are you bothering me?" He grunted in his native language when Sara did not respond immediately he reached towards a disembodied 3PO droid head that sat near him and began to activate it.

"Please tell me you translate for the Wookie droid," Sara said she spoke two languages Basic and Huttese not what the Wookie spoke.

The 3PO droid crackled momentarily then came to life allowing it to answer properly.

"The Master said why are you bothering me." The droid spoke again. "From now on I will speak when the master does address me as him."

"I was just curious as to what a wookie is doing here, and why he looks a little light on hair, if he doesn't wish to answer that i won't be offended i am just curious, can't say i've seen one up this close," Sara told the 3PO droid

Igehr groaned and rubbed his large paws over his head, this again he thought to himself I am a curiosity once more

"I was taken from Kashyyyk when I was a baby" The droid translated for Igehr "the people who took me were not always the kindest they could be and sometimes subjected me to what they called games."

The Wookie picked up a large box and moved it from one location to another.

"One such game I lost and I was burned."

"Does that satisfy your curiosity?" He added as he reached for the next box.

Sara nodded "Please inform your master i am sorry for asking, i understand how cruel others can be towards those less fortunate than themselves, and i have the scars to prove it," she told the droid

Igehr grumble something that the droid didn't repeat for him.

Sara who for once wasn't in battle armour turned around lifting her tunic top to reveal scars across her back from more than one flogging at the hands of the Hutt and his minions "A reminder of the price of foolishness," she told the Wookie

Igehr let out a low sad moan as he tilted his head to the right. He then began a series of noises that the droid did interpret for him.

"Master Igehr professes his sorrow for what you have endured, especially for the lack of medical treatment you've received,. He may be able to lessen the effects of the scars over time if you are ever interested."

The droid continued as Igehr moved another crate.

"Master Igehr was taken by pirates who wished for him to become a warrior for them. The damage to his furr was from their attempts to motivate him, however, the Master is not one for mindless violence. Preferring the healing arts."

Igehr said something and began laughing.

"Master Igehr wanted me to add that his pacifist ways did not extend those pirates nor anyone who threatens his pack." The droid's eyes flashed "Oh my" He said, "Master Igehr I cannot repeat that!"

Sara understood what Igehr meant "I understand his sentiments, once i got my freedom I took great pleasure in killing those responsible for those scars," she told the droid "Oh, and please do tell me what he said, I am curious," she added

Sara understood a little about Wookie culture and pitied whoever got on their bad side, she'd seen the handiwork of an enraged Wookie once or twice and it was not pretty.

Igehr grumbled and put his hand over the 3PO units face silencing it.

Putting the unit away in the pouch he had slung over his shoulder he grumbled again and waved Sara away, suddenly not feeling like talking anymore as memories best forgotten cambe back to the forefront of his brain. He turned away from Sara and got back to organising the medical supplies.

Sara took it from that reaction that the Wookie didn't want to say anything else, and prodding a Wookie was not a wise idea, so she turned on her heel and walked out of the room, and continued to explore the rest of the base, but found no one else worth talking to, so she returned to her ship to contemplate what was to come next.


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