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The Twi'lek has Landed

Posted on Wednesday October 14th, 2020 @ 1:15pm by Rhea Nyx & Sara Wood & Rana Dahlgren

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Zahn system hide-y-hole
Timeline: MD1-1530

Rana Dahlgren expertly piloted her modified YV-666 light freighter into land amidst the cluster of ships at the hideout for Grey Wing, she was there as a Smuggler joining the group, but also there in the service of Narbel the Hutt, her mistress, Rana was one of the slaves Narbel owned, but used for other purposes beyond dancing and entertaining guests and thugs in the employment of the Hutt.

Once the ship had landed, Rana powered down all of her systems and checked her appearance out she looked presentable, a lot more so than she might do normally in the service of the Hutt, at least when off the leash she was fully clothed and comfortably so, she strapped on her DL-18 blaster pistol and headed for the ramp, she was keen to get off the vessel, and mingle with everyone else.

Rana descended the ramp into the open air, she noted that an HWK-290 was parked nearby, a heavily modified HWK-290 at that, and there appeared to be someone working on it, she assumed to be the owner/pilot, who looked like she was some kind of Bounty Hunter or Mercenary.

Nearby Sara was working on realigning the forward sensor array of her ship when she noticed the YV-666 come in to land, she scanned the vessel as it came into land, it wasn't something worthy of arousing her suspicions, until she spotted the pilot, a Rutian Twi'lek come out of the ship, her appearance did not make sense, something was amiss.

"You new around here?" Sara asked the Twi'lek in a friendly tone of voice.

Rana looked at the human for a few moments "Yes I am, just arrived," she replied trying to sound confident.

Sara nodded "Someone ought to be here to greet you, not quite sure where she's gotten to," she commented.

Her conversation with Kieran still fresh in her mind, Rhea made her way back into the makeshift operations centre.

"We have incoming," a female tech spoke up at once without being prodded for a status report as Rhea looked in her direction. "YV-666" she anticipated the Mandalorian's next question.

Rhea nodded curtly, "I'll take care of it," Rhea replied with a mental sigh, "Thank you, Yates" she added.

The woman smiled and nodded in return just as the Mandalorian took off at a brisk pace to meet the newcomer.

Rana looked up to see someone headed in her direction looks like the greeting committee has arrived she thought to herself.

As she approached the landing area, Rhea scanned the ship, her helmet's built-in systems analyzing the data. The YV-666 was a bit too blocky for Rhea's liking, but then the ship wasn't meant to be a fighter and did what needed to be done for the purposes it was built at least. This one wasn't too different, outside of typical modifications one would find on a smuggler's ship and few other changes that were on par with anyone who'd ever owned a ship. She zeroed in on the newcomer just as they were within hearing distance.

"Hello there," the Mandalorian spoke addressing the Twi'lek in a neutral tone. "Ms Wood. I trust everything is alright so far?" Rhea queried briefly looking Sara's way.

Sara nodded "All good, just fixing a problem with the forward sensors," she replied returning to her job.

"Hello," Rana replied somewhat nervously, she felt intimidated by the Mandalorian in front of her, unlike the other Mandalorian nearby this example reminded Rana of some of the thugs Narbel the Hutt employed.

Rhea picked up on the nervousness, the newcomer's body language felt odd, she filed that away for later. "Rana Dahlgren?" she asked.

"Yes that is right I am she," Rana replied.

Rhea nodded, 'Typical,' the Mandalorian thought, 'of course there'd be an influx of new folks in the middle of a crisis,' she half-wondered if Sol did this on purpose just so she'd have to deal with people outside of the cockpit and ops.

"Nice ride," she tossed a look at the parked YV-666. "Smuggle anything good recently?" she asked.

Rana looked at the Mandalorian "Same old same old, spice, illegal weapons, slaves from New Republic worlds to the Outer Rim to the Hutt Cartel, the last run saw a Corellian businessman's daughter transferred from Corellia to Nal Hutta where she adorns the throne of a Hutt gangster, her choice to shame and embarrass her father, not quite sure she knew quite what she was in for," she replied.

Rhea nodded taking the information in but refraining from commenting about it.

Sara's ears pricked up at that comment So the rumours are true she thought to herself must remember to give more credit to the runt of a Rodian in future "Poor girl, can't be easy going from high and mighty on Corellia to a Hutt's slave," Sara commented.

"No, it can't be," Rana said in agreement.

"Yeah, that sort of thing tends to put one down a few notches," Rhea replied in a neutral tone. "Any specific Hutt gangster?" she queried, on Nal Hutta you could barely move from one place to the next without running into a couple of different Hutt gangs at times.

Rana smiled at the Mandalorian "I prefer to keep that information between myself and my employer," she replied fearing that revealing it was Narbel the Hutt might make everyone a little more weary of her.

Rhea chuckled, the sound muffled under her helmet, "of course," she replied, making a mental note, the Twi'lek's already given away more information that she should've.

"Where can I go to freshen up, its been a long journey?" Rana asked.

"Head down there," Rhea replied, "find Elam Tash, he'll take care of you." she added. "don't go too far though, briefing at 1600."

"Much obliged," Rana said and walked off in the direction given.

Sara put down her tools and joined Rhea watching the Twi'lek walk away "If she's a full time smuggler then I'm a Rodian addicted to spice," she commented.

"We all have our secrets, Ms Wood," Rhea replied.

"She is or was a slave, look at how she walks, she's not used to wearing those garments full time, and yes she is telling the truth about the girl from Corellia, an informant told me of the disappearance of a Corellian nobleman's daughter, disappeared right under the nose of CorSec and several well paid goons on her father's payroll, and if our Twi'lek smuggled her off Corellia to Hutta, she works for Narbel or an associate," Sara replied

"I know," Rhea said simply watching the new-comer walk. 'Haar'chak, Harizzo! What did you get us into?' she thought, a slight chuckle escaped her lips, amused at having referred to 'us' rather than 'Sol' alone. "We'll find out for sure and confirm before making any moves," she said checking the chrono on one of her vambraces. "Keep an eye on her and alert me if you hear anything suspicious," she added with a curt nod of thanks to Sara.

"With pleasure," Sara replied returning to her ship to complete the work before the meeting 'cross me Twi'lek and you'll wish you'd stayed on that Hutt's leash' she thought to herself.

"Thanks," Rhea replied. She took in a deep breath and let it out, things like this are why she wanted to meet every newcomer personally. Taking a quick look back at the parked YV-666 the Mandalorian made her way back to the makeshift operations centre leaving Sara to finish her work.


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