A rude awakening

Posted on Wednesday August 26th, 2020 @ 12:14am by Sol Harizzo

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Horizon Base
Timeline: MD0-00:00

# Captains Quarters - Horizon Base

The local loomin ale was for want of a better word crap, but it was the only thing that Sol had access to in enough quantity to numb the memories. So he drank, one drink after another until he could no longer feel his own feet.

Still he found himself plagued by the memories of Storm Troopers opening fire into the crowd that contained his wife, his beloved wife. Many of the things that kept him awake these days stemmed from the decisions he took following that experience, being an informant for the Rebellion, killing so many fighter pilots he had lost count of the number of times he had made Ace.

The glass in his hand was no longer there instead he saw a small pile of glass over by the wall where he had thrown it, knowing that he needed to clean it up but not feeling capable of such a domestic act he threw himself down on his cot instead. Burying his face into the pillow before screaming with impodent rage, he screamed for 5 minutes straight before feeling so exhausted that he drove off into a fitful sleep.

3 hours later.

The communications unit built into his room began bleeping indicating that there was an incoming message, the shrill nature of the bleep tol Sol that this was not just any message it was a message coming in on the channel reserved for communications from General Cracken. Dragging himself from his bed he made his way over to his desk and activated the device. A small 12 inch high projection of Cracken appeared and one look at the man's face told him something serious was going on.

“It’s early General, to what do I owe this pleasure?” Sol grumbled still shaking the cobwebs from his sleep, his emotions were tightly bottled away again allowing him to function once more.

“You couldn’t leave well enough alone? After the personnel extraction 2 months ago you take part in an Imperial mission to capture New Republic assets and two Star Destroyers later you find yourself at the top of the New Republic Enemy List.”

Craken wiped at his brow, it was obvious the room he was in was configured for Moncalamari physiology, that gave him an idea of where Cracken was at the present time.

“There is a New Republic Strike Fleet on its way to your base, it's about 9 hours away and it isn’t coming to take prisoners, get your people out of there.”

Sol signed deeply he had known the second mission against the New Republic in such a short space of time would paint a target on their back. He had hoped that with the number of rogue Imperial admirals flying around that Grey Wing would be the least of the New Republic's concerns.

“We will be long gone by then” He rubbed at his chin gently “I just cannot believe we’re more important than Admiral Teradoc.”

Cracken almost cracked a smile.

“Well Teradoc is” He stopped himself saying anything else realising that it was not information that the leader of Grey Wing needed “otherwise engaged and is not bothering the New Republic at the present time.”

“Grey Wing'' on the other hand has in the past 2 years alone liberated is the term I think you’re fond of, at least 11 X-Wings, 26 Y-Wings, 3 A-Wings and 1 B-Wing. Not to mention the loss of 3 Star Destroyers to Imperial Forces and 3 Nebulon-B Frigates. Losses like that and you think you would be left alone? I know you’re not that stupid Sol.”

A smile played out over Sol’s lips as he remembered the mission to secure that B-Wing Fighter, that had been some exquisite flying on his part to away from the ships following him. He ached to be amongst the stars once again in anything, it had been almost 6 months since he had flown anything, even a shuttle.

Shaking the smile from his face he turned his attention back to Cracken.

“You’re right General, perhaps we should have taken it a bit easier - maybe not gone after the credits so hard. Thank you for the heads up General, I know this must not be an easy call for you to make.”

“It’s not as hard as you might think Captain Harizzo, having access to a team like Grey Wing is something that the New Republic needs even though its leadership doesn’t realise it yet.”

Cracken broke the signal as Sol thought about the intelligence tzar had said, as always the man spoke in riddles but he obviously had something lining up for Grey Wing to do. That though, wasn’t something that Sol had time to consider presently. Instead he typed in a few commands into the console built into his wall which caused a klaxon across the base followed by a few short words.

“Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. Head for rendezvous charlie and we will regroup there. The New Republic has a strike fleet due here in less than 8 hours.

Once more Sol found himself wondering what the future would bring, it had taken some time to find this place and make it useful. Now all of the credits sunk into that endeavour were wasted, we need to legitimise ourselves somehow he muttered to himself as he started packing his own bags. How I don’t know, but that is something I can think about on the way to the rendezvous.