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Welcome to Havoc Base

Posted on Tuesday October 27th, 2020 @ 11:46pm by Rhea Nyx

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Somewhere in the Outer Rim
Timeline: MD3 - 1200

As far as abandoned droid factories went, this one was...pretty abandoned, yet quite lived in once you stepped foot inside. The factory has been refitted with additional storage and maintenance facilities for the Wing’s starfighters, shuttles & weapons and the place was much bigger than Horizon base was.

Rhea has yet to see it at full occupancy, but this may change at some point, it all depended on how things went in the near future. If and when Sol Harizzo came back and what news he brought with him.

She was waiting for the latest count of arrivals; otherwise, there wasn’t much else to do than wait until Sol came back. The Mandalorian had risked sending out a few mercenaries and bounty hunters on jobs she knew needed to be done to keep things going. She herself couldn’t take on any right now, which bothered her to a degree, but at the same time, she had almost come to terms with the fact that this was where she’d be spending a lot of her time regardless whether Sol came back or not.

She sat in what used to be the factory’s security office, cameras set up all over the base fed back into the systems in the office; systems the Mandalorian could easily keep track of and take care of any issues and problems that arose. She caught sight of Elam on one of the feeds. Although Elam has never been to Havoc Base before, he seemed to have settled in just fine, taking things in stride, picking out a workplace for himself not far from maintenance facilities and keeping himself busy by being his friendly, productive self. Rhea trusted him to handle any maintenance issues that arose or take care of other people’s needs and concerns and alert her as necessary.

There wasn’t much else she could do herself, and the less she was seen on the base, the more ‘normal’ things appeared to be. She chose not to run any training drills for the moment, letting people rest and regroup after having been uprooted so suddenly. For the moment she had other concerns to take care of, not all of them had to do with the squadron itself, but the squadron was fast becoming the more dominant concern. She still had to wrap up her own loose ends.

She eyed the hologram of the Trandoshan; the reptilian eyed her back before saying anything.

“It is done,” he inclined his head as he finally spoke.

“Any trouble?” she asked.

“They didn’t expect a….less subtle approach,” he said.

Rhea raised an eyebrow, “Gra’l, what did you do?” she queried, giving him a look as she leaned towards the hologram, aware that his definition of ‘less subtle’ can mean any number of things, much like her own definition of the phrase for that matter. The Trandoshan chuckled in response.

“Nothing that should concern you, Mandalorian,” he replied.

“On the contrary, Gra’lix, I sent you there for a reason,” she said.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head, Mando,” Gra’lix spoke, throwing his head back in laughter once again.

Rhea rolled her eyes, “you wanna say that to my face? We both know how that ended last time,” she fixed him with a stern look.

“You missed last time,” the reptilian reminded her, ignoring the look.

Rhea’s lips curled up in a slow smile, “I wasn’t aiming at you,” she cocked her head, “how’s the new ship, by the way?” she asked sweetly.

Gra’lix grunted, “It’s not my old ship,” he grumbled.

“I thought you could use an upgrade,” she shrugged.

“Not one I’m still paying off. No thanks to you.”

“The credits you get from this job should be enough to pay it off completely,” she spoke. “Consider us even,” she added. She could’ve used those credits to upgrade her Fang’s ion engine and squirrel the rest away for an emergency, but she also couldn't keep her contacts waiting anymore she already did, given the events of last week. Fortunately, the Trandoshan she’d sent was fairly reliable and efficient, even if he was clearly still salty about her destroying his ship just to prove a point.

“We shall see,” he replied, he cut the connection before she had a chance to reply.

“Great, that can mean any number of things,” Rhea spoke to no one, frustration evident in her voice. She took a deep breath and let it out, for the moment she couldn’t worry about that. Rhea turned her attention to the screen showing schematics for a ship Rhea’s gotten too familiar with over the years.

It seemed like hours later she heard a chime outside the door. Her hand instantly reached for her helmet forgoing either of her Westars; assassins were rarely polite with things and chose to knock before coming in; she dismissed the thought and let her helmet sit by her side on the tabletop as she checked the security feeds and cleared the schematics off a screen.

“Come,” she said.

Laura Yates stepped inside holding a stack of what looked like reports. Rhea tried to keep a neutral face and fought the urge to use said stack for target practice.

“Ma’am,” Yates said, avoiding looking at the Mandalorian’s face. She busied herself with the reports in hand. “All ships, pilots, ground crews confirmed accounted for. No casualties. Capital ships in orbit at requested locations, reporting all clear.” Yates said, “Supply levels green.” she conferred with her notes.

Rhea nodded, ‘let’s hope it stays that way’. “And the people?” she asked.

“Ah…” Yates trailed off.

Rhea raised an eyebrow, “Is there a problem, Ms Yates?” the Mandalorian asked, her voice gentler.

Yates shook her head, “No... well...yes... they still want answers, still worried about Captain Harizzo, ma’am,” she said finally.

Rhea nodded, “you can add me to that list, Ms Yates,” she spoke. “But there’s very little we can do about either of those things for a few more days since the person we’re all concerned about is the one most able to provide us with the answers we all seek,” she said.

Yates nodded.

“In the meantime, I do what needs to be done, as should you and anyone else on this base,” Rhea said, her voice even.

“Yes, ma’am,” Yates spoke curtly. “Sorry, ma’am,”

Rhea waved off the apology, “nothing to be sorry for, Ms Yates.” she said, “well, unless you tell me I have to read through all of those,” she threw a glance at the stack of reports, but the slim smile the Mandalorian sported now let Yates know she wasn’t serious.

“No, ma’am. Not unless you want to, that is,” Yates said.

“Maybe.” Rhea shrugged. “Or I could just use them for target practice like I usually do,” she said, “after I’ve read them, of course,” she added.

Yates did a double-take, once again, not sure if the other woman was joking or being serious. Probably a bit of both, she thought.

“Anything else?” Rhea asked. Laura shook her head. Rhea inclined her head towards the other woman, “Thank You. Make sure you get some rest too, Ms Yates. For all we know, when Captain Harizzo comes back, we’ll have to hit the ground running right away,” she added.

“Yes, ma’am” Yates spoke. Leaving the reports on Rhea’s desk, the woman departed, leaving the Mandalorian alone once again.

Rhea leaned back against her chair, gripping the bridge of her nose with two fingers, the Mandalorian closed her eyes mulling over her next steps.


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