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Borrowing Imperial Equipment Part 1

Posted on Thursday November 5th, 2020 @ 11:31am by Sara Wood & Wam Usso

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Havoc Base
Timeline: MD-6 0900

Sara was ready to get this new job off of the ground, so she set out to find Wam the Rodian to find out what information he had for her, if need be she would make use of her own intelligence sources, something about the shifty Rodian made her uneasy around him, the fact that he worked for the Hutts made her unease multiply several-fold.

In the time since arriving at Havoc Base Sara had kept a low profile, keeping tabs on the suspicious Twi'lek female whom she had seen snooping around her starship, she had yet to manage to sneak aboard, which was just as well, as Sara would have little choice but to take action to remove her from the HWK-190 and report her to Rhea.

When Sara found the Rodian he was in the cantina, which didn't surprise her, as there were a few people inside, including the Twi'lek who was in the corner of the cantina trying hard not to catch Sara's eye, which was none too surprising.

Sara walked across to the Rodians table and sat down facing the Hutt lackey "So you're Wam. Do you have any useful information for me regarding the Imperial needs for acquiring the Rebel ship?" she asked the Rodian hoping he was sober and capable of articulating useful information.

Wam Usso looked up at the intruder, it was one of those gnarly bounty hunter types that he despised. They all seemed to have the same air about them like the galaxy belongs to them and everyone else should sit down shut up and give them what they want.

Not this Rodian He thought to himself.

"One does not usually barge in to an office without first announcing themself." He kept his voice light and sweet whilst he seethed inside "What is your name Bounty Hunter?"

"Sara Wood, i'm the one who has to acquire Imperial goods for the hijacking of the interdictor cruiser," Sara replied taking an dislike to the Rodian, she was itching for any excuse to shoot the ugly critter.

"Ah, Harizzo mentioned you would be stopping by for a chat. I just wasn't expecting you to saunter by without introduction. Yes , I do have a contact who may be able to help us with locating and securing an Imperial cache." Wam searched through his drawer for a few moments before pulling out a memory chip which he threw on the desk in front of Sara.

"There is a Corellian who operates from Ryloth. He will want paying of course as will his Imperial connection the" Wam pushed a second chip a credit chip Sara's way "As I am responsible for the finances I'd of course like you to part with the credits as little as possible. If you can think of any way to reduce the cost at either end of this bargain, well" Wam smiled a horrifically cold smile "I'll leave that up to you to figure out and enact."

"A Corellian on Ryloth, does this Corellian have a name?" Sara asked the Rodian as she didn't want to spend too long anywhere near Ryloth if she could avoid it.

"It's all on the chip" He sneered as he wondered if the Bounty Hunter was smart enough to get his meaning, or if she was even ballsy enough to follow through on it. He had only given her half of what Sol Harizzo had deemed necessary in the first place shifting the other half of the credits to his own accounts under the guise of a back up plan. Wam Usso knew that at the end of this if the sabacc cards fell in his favour this Bounty Hunter would easily take the blame for lost credits.

Looking up he realised that Sara was still there.

"I'm done with you, be gone" he waved his hand whilst speaking and went back to whatever had absorbed him before.

Sara looked at the Rodian "Nice dealing with you too," she replied and walked off half tempted to spend a lot of credits to make the Rodian squirm, she hoped that the Rodian's information was accurate, if not she'd have to rely on her own devices and charge the Rodian for extra trouble which would teach the scrawny critter a valuable lesson.

Sara disliked using middlemen for these sorts of jobs, in her experience they were more trouble than they were worth, especially anyone linked to the Hutts, which made Wam either unreliable or untrustworthy, she would have to keep an eye on the shifty Rodian and make sure that he didn't try and rip the group off.

Sara once she was aboard her ship plugged the chip into her datapad and reviewed the information that the Rodian had given her, it was hardly the best information briefing data she'd been given in a long time, but it was direct and gave her what she needed but little else, the more she dealt with the Rodian the less and less she liked his presence and involvement.


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