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Borrowing Imperial Equipment Part 2

Posted on Saturday November 7th, 2020 @ 1:53pm by Sara Wood

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Ryloth, Nar Shaddaa
Timeline: MD7-1100

As the Star Runner dropped out of lightspeed at the extreme edge of the Ryloth system, Sara was seated in the cockpit at the controls, she was a little on edge as she had no idea what to expect when she arrived let alone what to expect when she met with Wam's contact, if he turned out to be anything but reliable she'd have to fall back on her own resources, and she suspected that Wam wouldn't be too impressed with the extra expense but it would serve the Rodian scum right for using cheap and unreliable informants.

Sara piloted the Star Runner towards the planetary spaceport near the capital of Ryloth Lessu, the data chip from Wam indicated that her contact was to meet her at a cantina in Lessu, his name was Juldal Blaksurg, who based on a quick search of all databases was not the most reputable human to be found in the galaxy, but if he had information on Imperial armour and weapons she'd turn a blind eye to his criminal ways, if not he was liable to end up frozen in carbonite and hanging on someone's wall.

No sooner had Sara parked the Star Runner at the spaceport, she was passed through arrivals with a minimum of fuss and bother as she had nothing to declare, the search of the vessel was quick and lacked imagination, so she was soon headed for the cantina where Juldal Blaksurg was hopefully waiting for her arrival.

As Rana approached the Cantina she found there were several unsavoury looking characters outside the cantina, but none of them paid her any undue attention, she strode into the cantina in search of Juldal Blaksurg, like almost all cantinas she'd encountered there was a plethora of Twi'lek dancers on show, which was not surprising as Ryloth was the homeworld of the Twi'lek species, Sara paid them no attention, she scanned the cantina searching for Juldal Blaksurg, but didn't see any sign of the human male she sought.

Sara walked across to the bar and waited for a drunken Rodian male to get whatever poison he preferred and departed to his table, before she took her turn, and stepped up to the bar and looked the barkeep in the eye "Do you know where i might find Juldal Blaksurg?" she asked the Devaronian

"He a friend of yours lady?" the Devaronian asked.

"A mutual acquaintance, not a friend," Sara replied.

"Well you've wasted your time, Juldal got himself killed last night, some hotshot Duros gambler rocked up and started to clean the tables, ran into Juldal who accused the Duros of cheating, next thing i know i got a dead human and an all out brawl, turns out the kriffing Duros was cheating, now he too is dead," the Devaronian told Sara.

"Thanks," Sara told the Devarian.

Sara cursed under her breath, she'd missed her informant and his useful intel by some hours, so much for the quick and easy route, she cursed her misfortune under her breath and headed for the spaceport, explaining to the customs officer she'd been sent here on a wild goose chase, and made for the Star Runner, she was glad she had a plan B in the likelihood that Juldal Blaksurg proved to either be too unreliable or as it turned out to be a dead end (literally).

Some time later, the Star Runner dropped out of lightspeed once more, this time near Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler's Moon, where she had a friend of sorts who knew almost every potential source of weapons and equipment that one might need, which was how she came to meet the Lasat male by the name of Parat Gron, he helped her procure her Mando armour when she was starting out, for a fee of course, how he came to know so much was something Sara didn't want to delve into.

Sara found Parat Gron at his usual spot in the Slippery Slopes cantina, unsurprisingly he was surrounded by several female companions all of them of the Twi'lek variety, and all were scantily clad "Not much has changed since i last saw you," Sara commented standing before the Lasat male.

"Hehehe nothing ever changes here my pretty lady," Parat Gron replied "If you'll excuse me my beauties, this Mando and i have business to discuss in private," he told his Twi'lek companions.

Sara sat down facing Parat Gron once the Twi'lek females departed and removed her helmet "It has been a while my friend," she commented.

"A long time my beautiful Hunter, now what can i do for you? don't tell me you want some new Mando armour, if so i'm afraid i cannot oblige as that is the best i know of," Parat Gron asked Sara.

"No this suits me just fine, i need something more unidentifiable, something that will make associates of mine anonymous for the purposes of their job, and throw suspicions off of them," Sara replied.

"Hmmm, anonymous, readily identifiable, that is a tough one," Parat Gron said scratching his chin "Let me guess, Imperial armour and hardware," he suggested.

"Good guess," Sara replied suspecting Juldal Blaksurg had acquired the intel from Parat Gron in the first place.

"I know of several caches of such stuff, one would have been collected by now, the others are much easier to find," Parat Gron told Sara.

"Where?" Sara asked "And how much?" she added.

"Hehehe free of charge my dear, you did me a big favour eliminating that scumbag Teemo, here i'll give you the datachit, it will guide you to one or both the easy targets," Parat Gron replied.

Sara smiled leant over and kissed the Lasat on the cheek "Oh it was my pleasure, poor Teemo forgot that he had a sizable price on his head from a disgruntled Imperial Moff he crossed, I'll be sure to see that the barkeep sends you a large bottle of Andoan ale across," she told Parat Gron.

"Watch yourself little miss, there is a likelihood that the New Republic terrorists have those places either under control or under surveillance, and it won't be so simple as to walk out with what you seek," Parat Gron said.

Sara nodded "I am aware of the risks, but i have a job to do, and i'm gonna do that job," she assured the Lasat.

Sara made for her ship, but not before paying for a sizable bottle of Andoan ale for the Lasat, she was well aware of the fact that she was not alone, a scrawny human kid had been trailing her ever since she set foot on the Lower Promenade, she turned around and fired a shot high and wide of the kid "Pick on someone who isn't armed to the teeth kid," she warned the kid.

Sara didn't stick around to see what if anything the kid did in response, she needed to get off Nar Shaddaa and headed for her first likely destination and collect the cargo of Imperial goodies.



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