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Borrowing Imperial Equipment Part 3

Posted on Wednesday December 9th, 2020 @ 12:06pm by Sara Wood

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Outer Rim Territories
Timeline: MD-9: 1300hrs

The Star Runner dropped out of lightspeed at the edge of the system in a corner of the Outer Rim territories where the Imperial cache was situated, it had taken Sara two days to get there because she had to lose not once but twice an unwelcome tail, who turned out to be an associate of Teemo the Rodian, who was seeking revenge, but ended up a lifeless corpse.

Sara scanned the enhanced sensors of the Star Runner half expecting to find New Republic forces present, the ships scanners did not detect any New Republic vessels, nor any obvious signs of the remnants of the Galactic Empire, she piloted her ship towards the 'abandoned' space station, records on the station indicated it had been used by the Grand Army of the Republic as a Medical Outpost during the Clone Wars.

Once the Star Runner had touched down, Sara edged out of the ship careful not to walk into an ambush, a scan of the station indicated that there was two in residence, who they were and how they came to be there was unclear, but the shuttle parked nearby bearing the symbol of the Galactic Empire suggested the potential involvement of the Imperial remnant, which didn't concern Sara, if need be she would deal with them, she hoped to avoid the need to neutralize them as a threat.

Sara had her first encounter with a human female in an Imperial uniform with the rank plaque of a Lieutenant, the female didn't realize Sara was right on top of her until it was too late, Sara threw a stun grenade at the woman who slumped unconscious to the floor where she had been kneeling beside a data terminal, Sara made sure she was alive before trying her up and then moved on.

The next Imperial Sara came across was a human male in an Imperial uniform with the rank plaque of a Commander, he was aware she was there but was facing in the wrong direction "Drop it," Sara said aiming both blasters at the Commander.

Sara had to give the man credit where credit was due, he dropped the weapon he was holding on command, but any respect she had for him ended there, as he stood up he reached into his boot for a holdout blaster, this action ended with blaster bolt to the shoulder "Not a smart idea my dear Imperial, lose the second piece, next time i won't be so kind and miss," she warned the Commander.

Commander Ethan Morgan ditched the holdout blaster he'd tried to grab hoping to catch his foe off guard "Ok, i gather you're not New Republic, or i'd be dead," he said to the unknown Armour clad female.

"Good guess, let's just say i'm a freelance Merc, now what brings two Imperial officers to an abandoned outpost without men in white armour?" Sara asked the Commander.

"We are/were conducting a check of the stockpiled equipment and weapons here, on orders of our boss," replied Commander Ethan Morgan.

"Oh and who might he or she be?" Sara enquired not really concerned, but curious to know who she had crossed.

"Moff Treylen," Commander Ethan Morgan replied grimacing from the searing pain in his shoulder.

Sara didn't recognize the name but then again she had little or nothing to do with the Imperial remnant, she looked at the Commander "Show me to the supplies," she told him "No funny business, i won't be so kind if you do," she added emphasizing this point by resting her right hand on the butt of her blaster.

Commander Ethan Morgan nodded he wasn't stupid enough to tempt fate twice, he led the nameless Mercenary through the station to what was one of the larger storage areas and turned on the lights.

Sara kept her eyes focussed on the Imperial ever mindful of the remote likelihood he might try something brave but foolish, when they came to a stop in the storage area, her eyes concealed by her helmet widened "Moff Treylen has quite a stockpile," she commented.

"Yes he does, always good to have lots of supplies hidden, one never knows when one might need them," Commander Ethan Morgan replied.

Sara had found what she needed, he whacked the Commander over the head with the butt of her blaster, he was more of a liability now she found what she wanted, she secured him to ensure he didn't cause further headaches if he awoke before she was finished her job, the crates were much to her delight able to float above the ground making moving them easier.

It took Sara the better part of two hours to cram the Star Runner's hold full of crates of Imperial Stormtrooper armour, blastech E-11 rifles, several Imperial uniforms, one never knew when spare Officer uniforms might come in use, the Commander had regained consciousness by then and was not looking too pleased to see a sizable amount of good missing, but he was trying his hardest not to draw her attention to something nearby, it turned out to be a datapad, an encrypted datapad, Sara pocketed the datapad for future reference.

"On your feet Commander, let's go and collect your associate," Sara ordered the Imperial Commander.

Sara led the Commander back to where his Lieutenant was lying subdued and still unconscious "Pick her up," Sara ordered the Commander.

Commander Ethan Morgan having walked ahead of his captor bent down and picked the Lieutenant up off of the deck, she was unconscious, it was clear she'd been stunned somehow earlier on.

Sara escorted her prisoners from the hall where she'd stunned the Lieutenant back to the hanger, and with some prodding at the end of her blaster she herded them onto her ship and to the holding cage.

"You're taking us with you?" Commander Ethan Morgan asked.

"Yup, too dangerous to leave you behind, now shut up," Sara replied.

Once the pair was secured in the forcefielded cages used for prisoners, having first been relieved of their restraints, Sara walked towards the cockpit, and set course for the bolt hole, two live Imperial officers plus an encrypted datapad weren't meant to be aboard, but those two were too dangerous to leave behind, and who knows what was on the datapad.



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