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Bounty Hunter is the Bounty

Posted on Wednesday December 9th, 2020 @ 11:20pm by Rhea Nyx & Sol Harizzo & Aldoh Damari

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Outer Rim
Timeline: MD7 - 0427

Both fighters came out of hyperspace in perfect synchronisation Sol smiled as he realised that Rhea would have it no other way, idly he considered changing his coordinates on the way out just so he would arrive after her.

Shaking his head to rid himself of such thoughts he flexed his fingers around the controls, the last thing he needed was to upset her again.

“We’re here a good 30 minutes before they’re due to show up. Where do you think we should lay in wait?” He asked over the com system.

The Fang Fighter and the B-Wing soared past debris which indicated a battle had taken place here at some point in history, Sol couldn’t make out what the ships had been, everything was too mangled by blaster fire and explosions.

Unseen by the two hunters from Grey Wing, a Lancer Class Pursuit Craft hid amidst the debris, running at minimal power and minimal life support. The ship was called Lost Fortune and its pilot and owner was a Kajain’sa’nikto, a Red Nikto, by the name of Aldoh Damari. Aldoh was a Morgukai, master of the cortosis staff and trained to fight and defeat even the mighty Jedi. As a child, his father had trained him to be a Morgukai warrior. By the time Aldoh was a teenager, their relationship was similar to that of a Master Jedi and their Padawan. Aldoh began accompanying his father off-world to learn the skills that would pay his way as an adult. Taln Damari taught his son not only the way of the Morgukai, but also how to be a bounty hunter, a bodyguard, and even a courier. It was hunting that brought Aldoh to this field of debris in the middle of nowhere.

There was a soft beep from the control console, indicating that the ship’s passive sensors had detected two small ships dropping out of hyperspace. Aldoh looked at the data, what little there was. With the sensors on passive, they could pick up incoming data, like the energy burst created when a ship dropped out of hyperspace, but gathering more detailed information would require an active scan, and that could give away Aldoh’s position prematurely. The sensor did suggest that there were two such energy bursts and both were too small to be the ship Aldoh was looking for. So while Aldoh might have found the presence of a Fang Fighter of interest, he had no way of discovering that detail without risking discovery. Instead, he decided to bide his time a bit longer.

Aldoh’s target was a brutal bounty hunter by the name of Idryn Scal. Everything Aldoh had learned about Scal told him the man was a brutal killer, with little in the way of code or honor. But then, many in their shared line of work were. Scal’s ‘victim’ in this case was a civilian. Someone not in the game. Scal really only made two mistakes this time. He killed the supposed love interest of a powerful woman and he took something off the body, an item this woman wanted returned. The client couldn’t quite openly come out and say she wanted Scal dead, but Aldoh’s was instructed to get the object back by any means necessary.

Rhea surveyed the area near one of the moons as her fighter and Sol’s B-Wing flew in perfect formation. Her Fang’s initial scans returned little out of the ordinary activity, but it didn’t mean nothing was hidden anywhere nearby. Not when they were in the Outer Rim.

“Debris cloud’s always a good bet, though predictable,” she finally replied to Sol, wondering who else could be hidden nearby. Any bounty hunter, smuggler, pirate and thensome worth their salt would already be aware of this particular trick. Other than the model of the ship that was their target and the cargo it carried, she and Sol had little information. Rhea had no time to reach out to her contacts to find out anything else. She hated going in with minimal intel, but she had to play the hand she was dealt and make it count as best as she could. Fortunately, whilst her Fang was in hyperspace, she was able to study the ship schematics to refresh her memory of the YT design, just in case.

“Or… we *could* surprise ‘em as soon as they jump out of hyperspace,” she spoke, the sly smile translated to her voice as she continued. “I know *juuuuust* the spot to aim for on YT-2400 to make it look like sudden engine trouble. They’ll have to land.” Granted, she and Sol were sure to lose the element of surprise fairly quickly, but that can work to their advantage. “We have a ten-second window before they realise what’s really going on. Should be plenty of time to disable their weapons. And further….encourage them to land,” Rhea added, her Fang’s wings swiveling at a slight angle before locking in a new position as she guided her starfighter forward in a slight turn.

She ran another scan on the system they were in, “hmm” she frowned at the results, as if disappointed at the fact that it all seemed quiet, whereas her instinct honed by decades of experience told her otherwise. The Mandalorian kept that at bay as her hand slid over the Fang’s controls, ready to engage its swivel wings and weapons at a moment’s notice if trouble came calling.

The pair didn’t have a choice before either of them could do anything; their instruments lit up with the warning of an approaching vessel as the YT-2400 dropped back into real space a scant few hundred meters away from them. Sol banked his B-Wing and triggered the s-foils before charging up his weapons, hoping to catch the pilot unawares he shunted shield power into the ships weapon bank and triggered several shots from the fighter’s Triple Ion Cannons. Multiple hits collapsed the ships shields overwhelming them with blue lightning, the YT-2400 banked away out of Sol’s sights as it splashed laser fire over his depleted shields.

Shunting the power back from the Dutchess’ weapons capacitors to the shield system shored up the fighter’s shields but that took precious seconds which saw the YT-2400 shoot away towards the moon.

“Rhea” He shouted as he triggered the comms “their shields are down. Force them down onto the moon below. I’ll catch up in a moment.”

Trained to remain calm and focused in battle, especially when she was at the controls of a fighter engaging with an enemy, Rhea didn’t have the luxury to get hit by incoming fire considering the Fang had no shields to protect the ship or the pilot inside. The knowledge that her skills lay between life and certain death only served as a reminder for Rhea to ensure she always kept alert and sharp. She lived for moments like this, calm and focused on the outside, inside Rhea Nyx was riding a wave of certain exhilaration from the moment she took off to the moment she landed every single time.

“Already on it,” Rhea spoke into the comms, her voice calm and collected, much like every fibre of her body focused on the task at hand as she handled her fighter’s controls. Rhea was born at the controls of a fighter, or at least conceived in one, according to her mother, anyway, it’s no wonder the Mandalorian felt most comfortable in the pilot’s seat.

She knew what she had to do, Rhea watched the YT-2400 swing around, her Fang’s swivel-wings shifting slightly as she made a sharp turn cutting across space as a stray shot from the freighter’s turrets lit up space she was in just a brief moment ago. Rhea let out a short laugh as she evaded another shot, sending her Fang into another sharp turn before coming around to focus on catching up with the freighter again. She knew the YT, like many bigger ships, couldn’t afford to fire its weapons at close range, the Mandalorian played it to her advantage as she guided her Fang further ahead.

She lined up her fighter with the YT-2400s cockpit, close enough to see the pilot frantically working the controls. The male was too focused on keeping his ship flying to notice the Protectorate fighter at its side.

Rhea’s helmet zeroed in on the pilot, magnifying his features; the Mandalorian’s hands tightened around the joystick as she kept the Fang in line with the cockpit. “Idryn Scal,” she mouthed, her slight smile turning into a frown as anger laced through her features. The young Corellian bounty hunter was the *last* person Rhea Nyx expected to see behind the flight controls of a freighter. The last time she ran across him years ago, he was flying a janky old Sheathipede-Class Type B cargo shuttle. Last time she ran across him, she also gave him her word that the next time they see each other only one of them would walk away alive. Rhea Nyx didn’t go back on her word. This revelation slightly complicated her and Sol’s mission, but nothing the Mandalorian couldn’t handle herself.

‘Get ‘im to land. Then handle it,’ she thought to herself, her thumb easing off the key that would launch the proton torpedo from its hidden compartment in the Fang’s fuselage. As much as she wanted to end the bounty hunter right there and then, this was not the way. She and Sol needed the cargo that Idryn was carrying, it’s hard to get information out of a dead person. Besides, for Rhea to follow through on her word she’d have to be facing Idryn in person. She steadied her breathing narrowing her eyes briefly at a surfacing memory.

Markos was a good contact. Sure, Markos Soltz did shady shit, a lot of Rhea’s contacts did, even ones who’ve left the Empire’s services after personally witnessing the atrocities they’ve spread across the galaxy. Hell, Rhea Nyx had done plenty of shady things in her life all things considered, but most of those things were tied to an honour system that guided her motivations. Like Rhea, Markos had an honour system that didn’t place credits above innocent lives. He did what he could to keep his family and his people safe after escaping the Empire’s grasp.

With the Empire and the New Republic not doing a whole lot to help the smaller towns in the Outer Rim, people had to do what they could to survive by themselves. Often times the New Republic or the Empire showing up just made things a whole lot worse, as a former Imperial officer, Markos knew that first hand. Not that Idryn would understand any of that. No, Idryn only cared about himself and getting paid. And Soltz was worth a lot of credits considering what he knew and how he and the Empire had parted ways. It was only a matter of time a bounty hunter found him.

The Mandalorian flicked a switch letting the Fang hang in space as she mulled over her options. The YT shot past her, Rhea kicked in the afterburners as a grin spread across her lips as the chase renewed. She sent the Fang’s pivot wings rotating around as the laser cannons opened fire in an arc, every shot aimed at disabling more systems, chasing the freighter down where she wanted it to land with its cargo intact all the whilst she made sure to stay out of range of the weapons.

“C’mon. Down you go, not trying to kill you,” she said to no one in particular as she worked her fighter’s controls and followed the YT towards the moon. ”Yet….” she added as her Fang broke through the atmosphere of the moon following the freighter down.

Rhea was out of her Fang moments after she had landed it a short distance away and out of sight from the crash landed freighter. She triggered her jetpack and took off towards the freighter. The Mandalorian looked down at the ship, her helmet’s visor bringing up damaged areas of the ship. The YT has taken quite a beating courtesy of Sol’s and her own fire; the landing didn’t help much either. It didn’t look like anything was on raging fire inside, which was always a good sign.

From above, she saw Idryn exit the ship, blaster in hand he looked around for any signs of trouble, didn’t appear to find any. Rhea was thankful for keeping the element of surprise on her side. Below, the Corellian started walking around the ship assessing the external damage, his weapon was lowered, but not holstered. Rhea took the chance to land a distance away.

“Idryn Scal,” she had time to say his name before the startled man turned and fired his DL44 at the source of her voice. Rhea raised a vambrace, the energy shield popped up just in time to stop the blaster shot coming her way. At the same time, she shifted her stance, whipping out one of her Westars and shooting Idryn’s blaster from his grasp. He yelped, startled.

“You!” he was holding his hand glancing around for another weapon to use as he seemed to recognize her. Wordlessly, the Mandalorian stalked towards him as she put her blaster away.

“Aww. Lady Mando is angry; What, did I kill another one of your contacts? Boohoo,” Idryn mimicked wiping away a tear.

Rhea tilted her head to the side, her eyes narrowing even under her helmet. For a fleeting moment, she considered just shooting him to get it over with, but the woman pushed the temptation aside. Sure she could do this quickly, but Idryn Scal needed to know why he was about to die. At the same time, she needed to move fast, Sol would be here in minutes, she didn’t need him interfering. Not with this.

“After you took Markos, 34 Stormtroopers showed up and wiped Nal Taura off the face of the planet in less than an hour,” she spoke, her voice just level enough to be heard without revealing how she felt about saying those words.

Idryn managed a shrug, not phased by the information. “I don’t care, he was worth a lot of credits. Enough to buy me the Tarsius” he threw a glance at the downed YT2400.

Rhea’s eyes briefly blazed with anger, this guy right here was a prime example why she wasn’t a fan of some of the shadier elements of things in the Outer Rim. At least he was upfront about his motivations.

“The blood of 84 men, 68 women,127 children are on your hands” she spoke evenly.

“Are you sure it’s not just guilty conscience talking, Mando?” he shot back.

“Boy, your mother should’ve swallowed you. You’d have grown up to be something more useful.” Rhea shot back gesturing a hand to activate the repulsor in a vambrace pushing Idryn hard against the downed freighter. Startled, the Corellian struggled to free himself, but Rhea held hand steady, the repulsor in her vambrace increasing its pressure on the Corellian just enough to cause him to stop struggling for fear of getting hurt more.

In a swift motion, Rhea shut off the repulsor and triggered the grappling line, the glowing yellow-shaded line shot forward wrapping itself around Idryn’s body. Rhea lifted up her arm, yanking the Corellian closer towards her then released the line letting Idryn drop to the ground as she strode towards him. Gasping for air, Idryn scrambled to get up trying to get himself further away from the woman as he searched for a weapon nearby. The timepiece he lifted off a mark that now sat in his pocket would do him little good now. Idryn knew he couldn’t exactly fight this one with credits.

Rhea engaged the repulsor again, pushing him to stay on the ground. Idryn gritted his teeth, unable to fight the force he was being pushed with. It seemed to increase with every step the woman took towards him.

“Do you remember what I told you last time we spoke?” She asked, her voice calm; she disengaged the repulsor and took off her helmet and met his eyes with hers. He flinched, something about her eyes unsettled him far more than some of the bounty hunters he ran across in the past. Rhea yanked Idryn to his feet, ignoring the kick that landed across her armour as Idryn tried fighting against her now that he was no longer being actively pinned down to the ground.

“I stay true to my word,” she spoke, her voice low as she heard the telltale sounds of an incoming B-Wing, reminding her that her time was running short. Idryn’s eyes went wide as he felt a vibroknife impale itself in his chest finding its target in his heart. This, he didn’t see coming.

Rhea let him go, Idryn dropped to the ground. The Mandalorian was still watching him, her dark eyes steely and unwavering even as she wiped the Corellian’s blood off the blade and put it back in its sheath at the side of her leg. She went about it as calmly and effortlessly as if she was taking a casual stroll across the moon’s surface.

“For Markos. Rhianon. Their son, Keras. The 279 people in the town of Nal Taura. And everyone else you have killed directly or indirectly,” she spoke watching the bounty hunter take his last breaths.

For a few seconds, the only sounds came from the still cooling engines of the YT2400. The Mandalorian took a deep breath in, allowing herself to finally blink as her features relaxed. She didn’t take pleasure in killing, even if it was necessary and part of her job. Rhea slid her helmet back over her head, her visor confirmed Idryn Scal was dead. She knew his death wouldn’t bring anyone back, but the Mandalorian also knew it would prevent more deaths from occurring. At least there was one less greedy, credit-hungry bounty hunter around. Rhea was at peace with that side of things. However, for all his negatives, Idryn had a point, Rhea was well aware that if she was able to give Markos a heads up about the bounty being placed on his head, the deaths of hundreds of people in Nal Taura could’ve possibly been prevented. That is something she had to live with for the rest of her life regardless if Idryn lived or died.

The B-Wing wasn’t built for speed as the A-Wing or X-Wing’s were it was a ship designed to tackle capital class vessels and whilst it could hold its own in dog fights due to its impressive defensive systems, it certainly couldn’t keep up with the Fang and the YT-2400 without sacrificing its weapons and shields. For reasons Sol couldn’t put his fingers on he didn’t want to do that right now; the risk of leaving himself exposed left a sour taste in his mouth.

It took maybe 5 minutes for Sol to pierce the moon's thin atmosphere and locate the Fang on his sensors, Rhea was already on the moon and out of her fighter. He hadn’t honestly expected anything else; the Mandalorian was many things, reserved wasn’t one of them, she had gone after the occupants of the YT-2400. Bringing his fighter down within a few dozen meters of the Fang he switched his S-Foils to cruise position and brought the ship down to land. Another 3 minutes passed by the time he was ready to leave the fighter - he grabbed his blaster rifle and made his way to the YT-2400.

It was quite apparent as he got into visual range of the Corellian vessel that it was all over, as he saw Rhea Nyx the Protector of Grey Wing standing over the slumped form of the bounty hunter, she seemed to be breathing heavily. Sol chose not to say anything to her as he jogged past her and made his way up the ramp to check on the bounty hunter’s cargo. He found the Sulustan carbon frozen in the ship's hold. Tapping a few buttons he verified the life signs before making his way back to the ship's ramp he opened his mouth to talk to Rhea and shut it again as quick as he saw another ship approaching at high speed.

“Take cover” He shouted to Rhea as he ducked back inside the YT-2400. Rhea was moving before Sol’s voice rang out, she could recognize the engine sounds of a Lancer-class craft anywhere. Anything created by MandalMotors packed quite a punch, the pursuit craft was no different, its versatility and armaments were few reasons why it was a staple with bounty hunters. The chances of Rhea and Sol now having to deal with yet another bounty hunter were pretty high, no matter who the intended target was. Once again, the Mandalorian’s earlier instincts have proven to be right, not that Rhea needed verification at this point in her life.

Pushing the altercation with Idryn and the memories it dragged up aside, the Mandalorian threw a quick glance around assessing the situation. Sol had taken cover inside the YT-2400, Rhea needed a tactical advantage, one that would allow her to protect what was inside the freighter and buy Sol extra time she knew he would need.

“Sol. Secure the cargo, I’ll handle things out here,” she spoke into the helmet’s commlink, her voice low, focused and calm despite being laced with tension. She threw a look at the parked freighter, “that’ll do,” she murmured under her breath. With the help of a grappling line from a vambrace, the Mandalorian hoisted herself up onto the body of the YT-2400 and did her best to blend in with the ship’s plating, thankful the paint scheme she chose for her armour was one that helped her blend in with her surroundings more often than not.

Rhea settled in a position where she’d have sights on whoever was the owner of the Lancer-class craft long before she was sighted herself. She engaged her helmet’s scanners taking a magnified look as she watched the Lancer craft come in for a landing from the hidden spot atop the light freighter.

Aldoh set his Lancer down and picked up the larger of his two cortosis staffs, the one his father had left to him. At just about one and a half meters and a light blade of about twenty-five centimeters , it was well suited to work out of doors.

“Be careful, Master,” said Roxie, his droid and ship AI.

“Aren’t I always?” Aldoh replied.

“Honestly? No,” Roxie said. “Not once in the entire time I have served you have you ever been careful. I only ask in the hopes that you might at least be cautious.”

Aldoh grunted and left the ship, headed towards the crash site quietly and calmly. He wanted no trouble with whoever these interlopers were. He was here for one purpose and one purpose only. If these people did not interfere with him, they could keep their lives. If not…

Aldoh stopped when he got near and stood where he could be easily seen and heard.

“I am Morgukai Master Aldoh Damari,” he said. “I do not know who you are and I have no need to know. I have no use for the pilot, the ship, or any of its cargo, except for a small item. Call it a keepsake, one of no value other than sentimental, and that only to the one who employed me to retrieve it. Allow me to search the pilot and the vessel, allow me to take the item should I find it, and I will leave you to your plunder. What say you?”

Aldoh Damari, now there’s a name Rhea hadn’t heard in many years and now she remembered exactly where she had seen him before. She couldn’t help but smile underneath the helmet, wondering if there was anything else from her past that was going to show up today. Especially the part of the past that she thought she was done with many years ago. At least this particular blast from the past seemed more welcoming than the YT2400’s former owner. Given Aldoh’s words, he hadn’t changed his approach to getting the job done, which was a welcome breath of fresh air when it came to bounty hunters and smugglers Rhea has dealt with over the years.

“Sol, I got this.” Rhea spoke softly into her helmet’s commlink, her voice less tense than it was in her previous communique. “If things go well, we may have an ally today.” She didn’t elaborate further for now, but her voice called for Harizzo to trust her. She took a deep breath in then exhaled silently before making her next move.

“Morgukai Master,” she spoke, her voice just loud enough for the man to hear as she called attention to herself from above. In a fluid motion, the Mandalorian hopped down from the freighter. “Aldoh Damari”, the Mandalorian woman spoke the name as she landed on her feet a short distance away from Damari.

She made no move to go for either of her weapons, instead Rhea held up the gloved palms of her hands in front of her facing towards Aldoh, showing him she wasn’t looking for a fight. She wasn’t keen on starting a fight or using any of her weapons unless necessary. That’s not to say she couldn’t get to them if things turned sour at a moment’s notice, but, a part of her hoped it wouldn’t come to that right now. Shooting first and asking questions later wasn’t always a good approach; a strange and somewhat atypical notion for a Mandalorian, but over the years Rhea Nyx has not been beyond taking said approach when it was necessary.

“It is good to see you are still alive,” Rhea spoke warmth flowing through her voice as she addressed Aldoh slightly inclining her head. She reached up and pulled off her helmet, as if further indicating that she wasn’t looking for a fight.

Aldoh first remained wary of the Mandalorian that appeared in front of him, then relaxed a little when she removed her helmet and he could see who she was. He flattened his mouth flaps in the Nikto equivalent of a human smile.

“Rhea Nyx,” he said. “Or shall I call you ‘Protector’? It has been a long time. I am also pleased to see that you are still among the living.”

Rhea shrugged, “either will suffice,” she spoke, “although depends on who else is part of the conversation,” she added. “Most are unaware of my name or my past,” she clarified. It was part of the reason she was still among the living as far as Rhea was concerned. “But once a Protector, always a Protector in many ways,” Rhea reckoned. At this point it was as much a part of her being as the controls of the Fang she piloted or the armor she wore.

Aldoh nodded. “It is good to see you again, Rhea,” he said, his voice deep with a slight rumble. “If you don’t wish to discuss what business you with Idryn Scal, I will not be offended. But I do require access to the ship and briefly to his person. The item I am looking for is a small mechanical timepiece on a chain, designed to be carried in a pocket. Those I spoke to as I tracked him here told me Scal has the timepiece. He was showing it off, even wearing it with the chain showing as was the style when these timepieces were popular. According to my client, she gave it to someone special to her. Scal killed the man and took the timepiece. It is a family heirloom and she would like it back. Or so she says. I’m fairly certain there’s more to this than she is telling me, but she is the client, I have agreed to do the job, and so the job must be done. I will say that you have done me and my client a favor. She clearly wanted Scal dead but had concerns about repercussions if I killed him while in her employ. Thanks to you I can honestly tell her that someone else killed him and that all I did was track him down and loot his corpse. May I have access?”

“I’m sure the list of people who wanted Idryn dead is a long one, considering how he operated. However, I gave him my word that next time we meet, only one of us was walking out alive.” Rhea said, “that Idryn Scal happened to be the one here today was unknown to either of us until we forced him to land,” she added with a slight shrug. “Either way, it is done. Feel free to let your client know who killed him should she desire to know this information. Contact me if verification is required” Rhea added, one more target on her back as a result of her actions wouldn’t be such a big deal, especially if it rightfully took the target off someone else’s back.

The Protector gestured at Idryn’s body, “left pocket in his pants,” she noted, “you will find the timepiece there,” she said.

Aldoh carefully retrieved the timepiece, making sure to unhook the chain from Scal’s belt before pulling it from the deceased bounty hunter’s pocket. Aldoh examined the piece, determined it was what he was looking for, and placed it into a small pouch on his belt. As he retrieved the time piece, Rhea took out her backup commlink and activated it connecting to Sol. “All clear,” she spoke smoothly watching Aldoh.

“Understood, I have found our bounty who is on ice. We’ll need Igehr on hand to thaw him out.”

“Noted,” Rhea acknowledged before putting her commlink away, her eyes and attention still on Aldoh.

“Thank you,” he said to Rhea. “As for credit for the kill, that won’t be necessary. As long as she knows it wasn’t me and that she is neither directly nor indirectly connected to Scal’s death, that will be sufficient. So,” Aldoh’s lip flaps flattened again in another Nikto smile. “Now that business is out of the way, what are you doing out here? If you don’t mind my asking, that is.”

Rhea inclined her head, “We are seeking information from one of the bounties Idryn has picked up,” she said. Rhea reminded herself who she was dealing with, a bounty hunter with an honor system not dissimilar to hers. Grey Wing could certainly use more of those. “What have you been up to?” she asked.

“Hunting,” Aldoh replied. “Protection. Courier work. For the wealthy or the needy, as the situations arise; whoever can pay my price. Of course, my ‘price’ differs based on the needs and resources of the client, which allows me to take clients of a more noble nature, such as the Rebels, the ‘New Republic’ now. This hasn’t made me rich, but I get by and I’m able to prepare for the day when decrepitude eventually catches up with me.”

Rhea nodded, she preferred not to think about all the possible things that could catch up with her, let alone those that nearly did several times already; decrepitude was pretty low on the list. Considering the recent developments with Grey Wing and the complications that came from that, the Mandalorian knew it was only a matter of time before things outside of old age caught up with her.

“Let us hope that for you decrepitude is a long way away yet,” she spoke with a slight smile.

“Time catches up with all of us eventually,” Aldoh said. “If something else doesn’t get us first. It is good to know you are still working, Rhea Nyx. Our last collaboration was lucrative for both of us, as I recall. Should you take a job that requires my talents, seek me out, and unless I am otherwise engaged, perhaps we can collaborate again.”

The Protector smiled wryly, “I remember our last encounter quite well,” she noted, “although a lot has happened since then.” She added, a hint of sadness briefly flashed in her voice before disappearing. “And likewise, should my skills be of assistance, feel free to contact me.” She added casting a glance at the helmet under her arm. “Although we may require yours before you would mine,” she said looking back at the downed YT-2400 then focusing her gaze on Aldoh. “I am working with a group that can always use a man of your talents,” she said. “In fact we have a job coming up in a few days” she said.

“What can you tell me about the client?” Aldoh said. “And the job?”

The Morgukai Master wasn’t squeamish about taking jobs for Hutts, as long as the target was another criminal, a corrupt corporation or government official, and/or an Imperial or Imperial operation. He had no qualms about working for the New Republic, but as a rule of thumb, he didn’t take jobs that targeted them, though this wasn’t exactly a hard and fast rule. Corrupt New Republic officials, and they did exist, were fair game. Aldoh would not, however, take jobs for Imperials. Or he at least avoided taking jobs for Imperials as much as possible.

Rhea took in a long breath and let it out, “It’s a Hutt. Long story how that happened, I will elaborate later should you wish to know the details,” Rhea said, at the very least she owed him an explanation, just so he would know what he’s getting into. “The particular Hutt has a contract to procure an Interdictor from the Rebels. Grey Wing has been tasked with the job.” She added.

Sol reappeared from inside the YT-2400 he was holstering his blaster pistol as he did so, ignoring the conversation going on nearby the ship he pulled a communications device from his left leg pouch and keyed in a code which connected him to the communications system aboard the Dutchess.

“Harizzo to Havoc Base I’m transmitting you our coordinates, dispatch Igehr and a crew to get a YT-2400 space worthy again. I need the ship and its cargo safely delivered to the Bolt Hole within the next 3 days.”

A strange air of calm settled over him as he gave the orders he wasn’t aware why they would need the YT-2400 he just knew it needed to be at the Bolt Hole.

Rhea cast a side glance at Sol for a moment before looking back over at Aldoh again. “There are no winners in wars that are fought with lies, greed and deceit at the core on both sides.” She said her voice taking on a hint of first-hand knowledge and experience with the concept. “Grey Wing is not on the Empire’s or New Republic’s side. Just people who do what they can to survive.”

“Hmmm,” Aldoh said as he considered Rhea’s words. “Alright, I’m in. I’ll rendezvous with you after I deliver the timepiece to my client. Where shall we meet up?”

Rhea inclined her head in a slight nod, “We meet up in the Zhar system in 3 days’ time. I will send the coordinates to the rendezvous point to your ship,” she said.

“Understood,” Aldoh said. “The Zhar system, three days from now.” And with no further discussion, Aldoh walked back to his ship.

Rhea watched him go, she couldn’t quite place how she felt about bringing Aldoh into Grey Wing, but she was acutely aware that perhaps there was something else on her mind, but now was not the time to deal with it.

“I will see you at the bolt hole,” she spoke. With a last look at the YT2400 and its former owner, Idryn Scal, Rhea Nyx engaged her jetpack and took off for her Fang, leaving Sol alone.


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