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No points for second best

Posted on Thursday December 10th, 2020 @ 9:16pm by Sol Harizzo & Igehr & Jai Damodar & Kasee Mandu
Edited on on Thursday December 10th, 2020 @ 11:25pm

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: The Bolt Hole
Timeline: MD8

Sol was sat in the makeshift office someone had set up in the bolt hole a few weeks previously, when they had needed to organise something whilst the whole of Grey Wing barrelled through the system. He was drinking some Caf slowly as a small holo of Jai Damodar stood before him on the desk, Sol could make out even over the interference that Jai was hurting and he was bandaged and bruised.

“It was plainly a set up Sol” Jai winced as he spoke “There were Storm Troopers waiting for us when we got there, I barely got away with my hide intact the others I took.” Jai didn’t finish his sentence but it was painfully obvious to Sol that they were no longer alive from the way the Bounty Hunter spoke.

“So no Gozanti for us then?”

Jai shook his head.

“Sorry Sol.”

“Don’t worry about it, we had no way of knowing you were walking into a trap. It’s something I’ll have to pick up with the Hutt’s that their sure thing was an attempt at taking down Grey Wing, I’m sure one of them thought it would be funny to set up. I’m just not sure which one.”

They were silent for a few moments as Jai spoke to someone off screen.

“Igehr says it will be a few months before I fit to work again so I think I’m going to fall behind in my payments.”

Sol raised his hands.

“Things have changed somewhat recently with the Hutt’s money. We can afford to let payments slide for a few months. Plus you were injured on Wing business I’ll talk to Wam. Consider yourself at liberty until Igehr certifies you fit for action again.”

A rare smile played out across Jai’s face.

“I guess that means I’ve got some time to chase down some leads about Tmu’s parents.”

Sol nodded.

“You do whatever you need to in order to recover and if you run into trouble Grey Wing is just a hypercom message away.”

* * *

Three hours passed as Sol awaited the arrival of the YT-2400 that had been fixed by Igehr and the techs from Grey Wing the Corellain Freighter was going to be the only way to complete the mission now. Something to get them aboard the Interdictor. At this point anything to get them aboard the Interdictor.

Sol had already sent a coded message to Narbel appraising her of the situation with the Gozanti Cruiser she had arranged for them, he had no doubt that her web of spies and intelligence would be figuring out who had come down on Jai.

Finally Sol picked up the YT-2400’s signal stepping outside to greet the crew, as the ramp descended Igehr brought out the carbon frozen occupant of the ship's cargo hold.

Igehr groaned hello to Sol as his paws deftly tapped out a command on the carbon frozen form, it was hovering along now just under the reach of Igehr’s massive paws or about hip height for an average humanoid. As he walked the Wookie caught Sol up on the events of the past two days, the problem getting the ship flying again and the problems keeping it space worthy.

Sol nodded as Igehr finished speaking.

“So long as it can get us to Coruscant I don’t care much beyond that” He pointed at the frozen figure. “I’m much more interested in getting this person unfrozen where are you planning on doing that?”

A roar punctuated by a pointing paw told Sol that the Wookiee wanted to thaw out the occupant inside the makeshift building that was used as a triage centre.

“Come along then” He said as he made his way to their destination. Idly he wondered where Rhea was at this point she had been scarce in the past 24 hours off tinkering with her fighter he supposed, she never seemed to cope very well with the time between nail biting death episodes it was almost as though she needed the adrenalin to live the same way everyone else needed oxygen.

As they arrived Sol saw Igehr tap another command into the unit which saw it gently lower itself to the ground although the occupant could not feel anything in there it was nice to see the Wookiee making such an effort for his patient. Igehr pulled out a medical device and turned it on before asking Sol if he was ready.

“It’s your party Igehr, I’m just observing for now.”

The Wookie grumbled something that Sol couldn’t quite make out and started the thawing process, it took several minutes for the carbonite to release its prisoner Igehr was being careful and monitoring the life signs as its occupant was returned to life.

Igehr groaned asking Sol to speak to the occupant figuring, perhaps correctly, that hearing a Wookie roar at you may not be 100% helpful in this situation.

“Hold on Friend” Sol said, grabbing the now unfrozen but still cold hand “We’re bringing you out of carbon freeze, you’re safe and free.”

From nothing came a warmth; a sensation that had slowly grown to cover his whole body as he could not see through the darkness but the garbled words had cleared in his mind as his equilibrium was off. He had sensations; he could smell again and it was a distinct smell of a type of Triage with other smells.

“What… Where…” HIs brain was clearing enough as he was feeling his extremities and even a sort of balance of the universe coming off a bit of an axis rotation, he could ‘Feel’ where Gravity was and his orientation was aligning slowly. “Where is this Tri-age?” Mandu finally managed to get a question out.

Igehr growled to Sol as he heard the man speak. Roughly translated it meant I think he’s a doctor, talking about triage.

“You think?” Sol said to the Wookie in reply “I’m pretty certain that a pit droid could figure that out.

“You’re well off of the beaten track right now and perfectly safe” Sol continued talking to the man as Igehr continued scanning him. “We rescued you from a bounty hunter. Do you remember your name and why they had you?”

The echo in his ears reminded Mandu of speaking in tunnels; the mention of a Bounty hUnter gave evidence of being made into a Deep Frozen Cargo. The voice he heard also confirmed that the symptoms of coming out of Cabin freezed. His mind flashed back to the lessons and the couple of times he had witnessed this process being taught and then once in real conditions.

This process took a couple of seconds to those around him and seemed less to Mandu.

“Kasee- Man-du…” Thinking it had come out more smooth he realized his brain needed a bit more to get straight. “Shot- the - wrong-Enforcer.” He found his words were quicker if he concentrated on them. “Relative of Damned Boos, leading the raid for - my - medicines.” He recalled the images and continued. “Never stand still in gunfight… he did. Must have froze under fire, I did not, I must have killed him or at least maimed him good.” Mandu hoped they were taking him somewhere to sit for a moment? “You- not safe helping me.”

Sol let out a wry chuckle

“Well Kasee Mandu luckily for you there is very little safety in our line of work anyway, but at least there is safety in numbers”
Boos, Sol thought to himself the name certainly struck a chord with him but he couldn’t connect it to a memory.

“Well whomever you annoyed will have to wait to take a shot at you again, or else they’ll have the whole of our enterprise after them.”

Igehr tapped Sol on the shoulder and handed him a glass with a greenish looking liquid, trying very hard not to smell the contents Sol took the drink and placed it at Kasee’s lips.

“Here drink this. It will help with the hibernation sickness.”

Mandu could make a guess at what the stuff might be as he tasted the liquid, not quite choking it down but it was not smooth as Alaxian Teas, but the aftertaste barely registered as his taste buds were gratefully numbed a bit while he went through this process.

“You have a wookie Healer?” Mandu asked after finishing the drink. “Not many of those about.” Mandu liked to keep up on the ‘Medical network as they often exchanged places to get meds and who might be available and such. “Thank you; by the way, for getting me out of that trip I was taking.” He even managed a weak smile. “If we are in a field hospital you have a good set up from the taste of that stuff and the scent of antiseptics floating about.” Chuckling as he spoke. “If you happen to have any Acetaminobutalbital I would really appreciate it for this pounding and it should not interfere with the Antitoxin and Vitamin supplement I am guess your Wookie healer prepped?”

Igehr growled affirmatively and went to find the medication.

"He said yes he did prepare that. He's gone to see what medication he has with him. This isn't really a triage area it's our get away location with a temporary medical facility."

“I know it sounds strange but if you have a cot that I could relax and let these symptoms pass would be great?” Mandu asked. “If you are not in a hurry to depart that is?”

Sol nodded.

“We’re not due to ship out on mission for another 3 cycles so resting up is more than fine. Igehr will get you settled in and I’ll come find you in the morning.”

* * *

Had anyone else been in the command area as early as Sol was they would have seen the worry etched into his face, as it was he figured he had at least another few minutes to dwell before he would see anyone else. His concern was stemming from the response Narbel had sent him overnight after he had left the doctor he had sent a further message about this Boos to see what she knew.
The news wasn’t

Mandu came into the area with a warming cup of something liquid that was helping him compensate for a chill he felt. Not that his body had not gone back to regulating itself but he figured something to help wake him again from the sleep he should have been all caught up on sleep but the reemergence to animated lifestyle. He found it fortunate he still had the clothes on his back.

Taking a seat close to the man called Sol, he looked up to the man.

“Are you the one I have to thank for my being rescued from a much worse fate than just about anything you have on your table.” Mandu started. “I would really like to thank my rescuer?”


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