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Just a bad dream

Posted on Saturday December 12th, 2020 @ 3:03am by Sol Harizzo

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: The Bolt Hole
Timeline: MD9-03:00

The bolt hole was a collection of interconnected prefabricated buildings on the second moon of the Zhar system, it was a stark and lifeless set of buildings as it was only ever used by Grey Wing for a few days at a time before now. Sol Harrizo was musing on such things as he listened to the gentle snoring of Igehr and soundless sleep of Kasee Mandhu he was listening too via a monitor set up to keep an eye on their recently defrosted friend.

He stood stretching feeling the bones of his back and shoulders pop slightly.

A fleeting thought hit him and he momentarily, that Rhea was here to speak to to calm his mind but she was somewhere else at that moment it irked Sol slightly that he didn’t even know if that somewhere else was even on the moon or not anymore.

Standing from the chair he had been sitting in he left the sleeping Woookie alone and decided that maybe some caff would be helpful to keep him operating at peak efficiency despite the fact sleep was eluding him. He crossed the room silently and carefully found himself on a battlefield.

Where Sol should have been taken aback by the change of location it seemed perfectly normal to him, he could smell the cool summer breeze and feel the warmth of the sun on his face. A noise to his left caught his attention, turning he could suddenly hear what was being said to him.

“Stand ready learner”

He couldn’t see any facial features but could see that the owner of the voice was a human female who stood around five and a half feet tall, she wore a long hooded cloak which looked to be made of some rough brown fabric. Looking down Sol could see he was wearing the same thing on top of his clothes focusing his attention back on to the unknown woman he saw her pull two small cylindrical devices about 2 inches bigger than her hand on the top and the bottom

She placed her thumb on a small button on the first device which ignited a blade which was by Sol’s guess around two feet in length, moments later she did the same on the other device so she was wielding two light orange blades.

His own hand was suddenly filled with a hilt of his own that activated as though powered by his thoughts alone, Sol had no memory of drawing it yet it was there firm and cold in his hand. He settled into an easy ready stance with the hilt held at the right side of his waist and the tip of the blade peaking over his left shoulder covering his body from attack. It was as if he was expecting an attacker to rake across his body with another sword of light.

Looking up Sol could see a heavily robed figure approaching at a steady pace holding a much larger hilt out in front of them, a blade erupted from one tip and then the other tip as the figure shrugged their robes from their body. A dark smile played out over the strangers face; they held their double ended sword in one hand and stretched out the other hand towards Sol and his mentor.

Tendrils of lightning arched out towards the pair at first Sol was able to have his sword hit the lightning first it was absorbed by the sword as the seconds passed though he was slowly overcome as the attack was directed at him alone.

Pain flared in every inch of Sol’s body as the lightning played out through his body, intense soul destroying pain that was so bad he felt blissful unconsciousness taking him.

As he fell to the ground he heard the lady speak again.

“No Solaris. Focus. Remember your teachings.”

Then through gritted teeth he heard another voice speak.

“No, forget. It is as I willed it. Do not disobey.”

Sol awoke breathing heavily as though he had been running a marathon, reaching down to his torso he felt nothing amiss, nothing out of the ordinary. He still had all of the normal scars and burns he had picked up whilst flying TIE Fighters.

He shook his head to clear his mind and realised that his mouth was parched, standing once more he made his way out of the room. This time there was no battle field; there was simply a white plasteel corridor, he walked towards the Bolt Hole’s kitchen area, his dream receding from his memory with every step.

It was just a very bad dream. Sol said to himself.


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