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Necessary Arrangements...

Posted on Saturday December 12th, 2020 @ 4:15pm by Rhea Nyx
Edited on on Sunday December 13th, 2020 @ 4:20pm

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Unknown Space
Timeline: MD9 - 0224

The Fang hurtled through hyperspace to its destination, Rhea ran scan after scan, calibrating her ship’s systems as she waited. By now the gesture was mostly on auto-pilot, but going through the motions helped settle the pilot’s uneasiness as she prepared for what’s to come on the other end of her journey. Her recent chat with Sol still fresh in her mind, Rhea wasn't likely to get much sleep prior to taking care of necessary arrangements to ensure things went smoothly despite the setbacks they’ve had recently. Rhea preferred if things were a bit more in their control rather than under control from some outside force.

Which also meant what she was about to do was going to be pushing it, indeed. At least she chose to go to a contact whom she hasn’t pissed off just yet. And who had exactly what Grey Wing needed when it came to distractions.

A series of beeps broke into her thoughts, she flicked a switch, the Fang jumped out of hyperspace. Her fighter’s panels lit up as she was targeted almost immediately. Rhea’s fingers strayed away from engaging her own weapons, she wasn’t here to shoot, not this time, at least.

“Ah, the welcoming committee is still here, I see,” she spoke, more to herself than to anyone else as her scans picked up the myriad of ships of varying sizes and models hanging above the planet, clearly protecting what was on the surface. She should be used to this welcome every time she came here, but each time she wondered if this would be the time someone aboard one of those ships will have an itchy trigger finger and fire a shot her way. Part of her hoped someone would, if only because it’ll give her a certain element of brief excitement to deal with.

“Protectorate fighter...State your business.” came a curt voice through her commlink.

Rhea sighed, “sightseeing. I heard this place is nice this time of year,” she added an edge to her voice, “why am I usually here?” she asked, letting a note of irritation slip through.

“Protocol requires…”

Rhea broke in, “Weapons down, ladies and gents. Surely a lone Fang isn’t such a big threat to 7 capital ships and the firepower you all have….unless you lot are worse shots than Stormtroopers,” she smirked to herself. Her comments were met with dead silence, ‘tough crowd,’ she thought, “I’m here to see Magistrate K’Rae” she spoke.

“Is he expecting you?” came a terse reply.

“Go ahead and ask him if he’s expecting a Mandalorian to drop in,” Rhea’s jaw was set firmly. “My weapons are offline. I am not here to start a fight,” Even she wasn’t insane enough to go up against that much firepower, most of the time, at least not without a backup plan. “I am sending you my ident codes,” she said.

There was a silence that lasted far longer than Rhea thought it would. Her hands hovered over the flight controls in case she needed to make a quick exit. It seemed like minutes later her scans showed that one by one all ships have stood down their weapons.

“You are cleared to land on strip 12,” came the response.

“Understood,” Rhea replied and cut the connection.

Silently sighing with relief, Rhea flicked a series of switches and kicked in the afterburners on the Fang causing the fighter to shoot towards the planet as the barricade parted ways to let the fighter through. She knew they were likely to still keep an eye on her to ensure there wasn’t any funny business from her end and she didn’t want to give them an excuse to fire on her ship. She really hated buffing out the dings in the fuselage, nevermind having to deal with the chips in the paint job.

Landing on the surface, Rhea didn’t waste time. She didn’t have a lot of that before she had to get back to the bolt hole. She left her Westars in the Fang, her vibroknife and vambraces should be enough to handle any trouble that may arise. Not that she expected a lot of trouble as she moved through the town’s centre and into the giant hallway moving swiftly past the guards and towards the magistrate’s office. Judging by the reaction of the guards, the Mandalorian was clearly expected.

Sure, she could have this conversation over a secure channel without having to leave the bolt hole, but this required a…more personal approach. Especially for what she was about to ask and whom she was about to talk to. She strode into the huge office as if she owned it, the young aides surrounding the magistrate scattered as if they weren’t even there.

“Magistrate K’Rae.” She nodded reaching up to remove her helmet and place it under an arm as she faced the man in his massive office filled with all sorts of luxurious items that the Mandalorian didn’t even want to think about how they were acquired.

When it came to dealing with pirates, it wasn’t hard to guess how they came about certain things. Still, the town and planet seemed peaceful enough from what Rhea had gathered during all the times she was here, so at least K’Rae wasn’t the type to rule by fear or intimidation.

“Rhea Nyx,” the man eyed her head to toe, his gaze stopping on her face as he met her eyes. He remained sitting, the luxurious robes he wore perhaps too bulky for him to move around much. Rhea remained impassive. “I don’t recall any recent jobs that require your specific skillset. Which means you’re here for another reason,” he added as he leaned forward.

“The magistrate is astute in his assumptions,” the Mandalorian replied, “I require the use of some of your...assets,” she spoke.

He raised an eyebrow, “that’s a first,” he spoke, clearly intrigued. “What’s it in for me?”

Rhea shrugged, “These are interesting times. I think you will find the terms acceptable, Magistrate K’rae. Especially as you collect unique items from all corners of the world”

He gestured for her to take a seat, Rhea set her helmet down on the chair he indicated but remained standing herself. She tapped a short command on a vambrace, sending him a detailed list of her requirements. K’rae’s eyebrows shot up as he read through it. “That’s a lot of firepower. Are you planning on finally taking over a planet and settling down?” He eyed her, looking across at her from behind his desk.

Rhea chuckled, “No, I require a distraction,” she said. “I come with an opportunity to provide the magistrate with a chance to strike at the Empire,“ she added. “Possibly acquire another ship to add to your...unique fleet,” she paused tilting her head up briefly.

“Go on…” he was listening intently. He walked around her, keeping his eyes on her form, Rhea stared right at him, her eyes unwavering, she well aware he was appraising her as she continued talking.

“Plus my expertise when it comes to matters of… security, and ensuring your people won’t be bothered by the Empire or the New Republic,” she almost winced outwardly, but Rhea knew this was part of what will tip things over the edge to get K’rae’s agreement on this. He didn’t like causing trouble directly, but he enjoyed collecting the rewards of his involvement that helped grow his small empire.

“Your….” he spoke the word in a way that Rhea wasn’t quite sure which way to take. Her words managed to get him out of his seat as he approached her. “Expertise” he sounded the word as his hand reached out to touch the armour on her shoulder before he let it rest there. “yes. Your expertise…unattached to the New Republic or the Empire...” he added, Rhea ignored his hand on her shoulder even as it began travelling towards her head. She looked at him, her gaze unwavering as his hand rested just below her ear.

She reached out, gently caressing at his cheek with the back of her gloved hand, her own hand mimicking his hand’s placement. Her eyes looking straight at him for a moment, Rhea awarded the man with a sly smile, K’rae softened up his lips parting slightly as if expecting something more. In a sudden move, the Mandalorian pulled him closer as her other hand slid between his legs as she triggered her vambrace, the blade extending to press hard against his crotch just a notch away from drawing blood through the clothes. Eyes widening, K’rae gasped in surprise and exhilaration as a visible shudder shot through his body.

“Yes. My expertise unattached to the Empire or the New Republic,” she confirmed as she let him go making a mental note to have a long shower after she was through here. “If the mission is a success, you get an extra ship out of it, and I will come back with the rest as outlined,” she said, “you have my word,” she added, her features not betraying how she really felt about making deals like this.

“And if your mission fails?” he asked.

Rhea looked at him a slight smirk spreading across her lips ever so slowly. “Then you better hope it doesn’t fail,” she spoke, her voice lower, as if teasing him. “Especially if you want to get paid in full,” she raised a semi-amused eyebrow.

“I think I need more of an advance payment,” K’Rae spoke. “You’re asking for quite a lot here, Mando. Three fully crewed ships, my best people, that will leave me somewhat less defended.”

“Sorry, left my credits in my other armour,” Rhea shrugged.

“Not credits. I have plenty of those,” he shook his head, smiled, nodding towards her.

“Armour’s mine,” she said firmly.

“Not armour either,” he said.

She raised an eyebrow fixing him with a look. In reply, K’Rae grabbed her by the neck, Rhea didn’t fight him as he pressed harder, lulled by her seeming apathy as she looked back at him, her eyes almost questioning him if he was done. K’Rae’s hands tightened around her neck, his ornate rings digging into her flesh. Rhea looked like she was bored more than bothered by the altercation, at least on the outside, on the inside the Mandalorian fought the urge to reach for her vibroknife and end the magistrate right there. But she knew that would be a mistake.

In a swift motion and without a warning the Mandalorian’s vambrace landed hard against his side. The swift kick to the chest that followed suit had caused K’Rae to let her go, Rhea raised a vambrace pushing him away with a repulsor blast even before her feet hit the ground. With a cough to clear her throat, she activated the repulsor once again pushing the magistrate further away pinning him against a wall. She kept her arm up as she walked towards him, her eyes steely.

“Advance payment enough?” she asked, “or do I need to draw blood?” her lips pressed in a thin line as she stared at him.

“Oh, I do like your style, Mando.” he spoke as she disabled the repulsor and let him drop down to his knees, “you must be really wild in bed,” there was a gleam in his eyes that told Rhea everything she needed to know about his intentions as he looked up at her.
“Do we have a deal?” she asked curtly, ignoring his other comments.

K’Rae got to his feet rubbing at the sore ribs, he made a mental note to get the medical droid to check him out just in case the Mandalorian cracked a rib or two. He eyed the woman, a vicious smile spreading across his lips as he nodded.

“I will transfer command of the Kalifal, Suraj and the Weequay to you,” he said.

Rhea nodded, “Have the Captains contact me when they’re due to arrive above Coruscant,” she said reaching for her helmet signalling the end of the conversation.

“Oh and Mando?”

Rhea eyed him, eyebrow raised.

“Until my ships are back here, you are responsible for them, so do bring them back undamaged.”

Rhea chuckled, “that all depends on how capable your crews are of following orders, Magistrate,” she said, a note of sweetness in her voice. “I am only providing you with the opportunity, your people will have to do the rest,” With that, Rhea slid her helmet over her head and exited the room leaving magistrate K’Rae to his dealings. She ignored the lingering look on her behind as she walked out of his office and headed towards her fighter.


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