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Sara updates Sol

Posted on Monday February 1st, 2021 @ 2:30am by Sol Harizzo & Sara Wood

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: The Bolt Hole
Timeline: MD10-15:00

Sol looked up as someone knocked on his door, earlier in the day it had been Igehr who had said goodbye before being picked up with the still iced Rodian. The Wookie had chosen to defrost the bounty in an area with a functional medical droid, the Rodians life signs were fluctuating in a way the Wookie was not happy with.

Now his doorway was filled by Sara Wood who had returned to the Bolt Hole earlier in the day.

Sara studied Sol for a few moments “I got ample Imperial supplies, and some extra baggage or two,” she told Sol.

Sara took a seat facing Sol. She was glad to have made it back to the bolt hole in one piece, and with her cargo fully intact and her prisoners subdued but alive.

“Extra baggage?” Sol enquired.

“A pair of Imperials, a Commander and a Lieutenant if their rank plaques are to go by, they report to a Moff,” Sara replied.

Sol grimaced slightly Imperial entanglement was something that they wanted to avoid if possible. Although being able to throw the New Republic off their scent may help them avoid New Republic entanglement.

“Do we have a name for this Moff?” He asked.

“Treylen, I think the Commander said, never heard of him, seems the supplies I stole belong to him,” Sara told Sol.

Sol breathed in deeply before responding.

“Good job Sara” He shifted in his chair “I am sure that we can figure something out to do with your extra baggage. We will need to get them secured aboard the YT-2400 ready for when we leave later on.

“Any other issues whilst you were on mission?”

Sara shook her head “None, they were the only others there,” she replied “How about on this end?” she added.

“We have two new faces here, a Combat Medic and another Bounty Hunter. I'll introduce you to them later when we meet in the hanger around 19:00 hours.”

Sara nodded “I’ll be there, both lackies are cooped up in my brig for now,” she told Sol.

“Excellent” Sol tapped the table “Anything else you need to let me know?”

“Oh i almost forgot, i found this when i was collecting the Imperial stuff, its an encrypted datapad, the Commander was keen for me not to notice it, my guess is it has something on the Moff,” Sara said as she went to leave.

Sara placed the datapad on the table in front of Sol.

Sol picked the datapad and turned it over and over in his hands wondering what to do with this information, for now he decided that was a decision he would put off until after the mission.

“Thank you Sara, I’ll figure out what we do with this after the mission”

He took the datapad and tucked it into one of the pockets in the trousers he was wearing.

“I don’t think we need any more distractions than we already have right now.” Sol stood up from the desk and stretched.

“If you’ll excuse me I’m due to speak to Rhea shortly and I need to grab something to eat before she arrives.”

Sara didn’t argue with Sol “I need some food also, I’ll see you at the hangar around 1900 hours,” she said to Sol.

Sara left the office and headed for her ship, she wanted to make sure that both Imperials were ‘safe’ and a certain meddling Twi’lek didn’t interfere with them, plus she had no desire to spend time talking to anyone else, she wanted Peace and Quiet for the time being.


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