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Hit it

Posted on Thursday February 4th, 2021 @ 1:15am by Sol Harizzo

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Gozanti Crusier
Timeline: MD12-17:52

The Gozanti Cruiser dropped out of hyperspace in the Coruscant System as they did so Sol’s breath caught in his chest as he waited to be blasted out of space. It took a few minutes for it to sink in that they had not even been noticed by the New Republic forces in space; the pilots of the cruiser reported as much to Sol and the others in cargo hold. The ships scanners reported far fewer ships around Coruscant than were expected based on the Hutt’s intelligence for the moment the cruiser could only see the MC80 Liberty Class Heavy Cruiser Yali which was slowly orbiting Coruscant, that and the massive Golan III Platform which dominated planets orbital lines.

The sensors reported a constant stream of civilian craft heading towards Coruscant and towards the systems edge to leave the system, the Gozanti joined the ships heading towards the former Imperial Capital World.

Whilst he was silently concerned that the Interdictor wasn’t in orbit where it was supposed to be Sol had at least begun to calm down now he realised that they hadn’t been sold out. The earlier issues Jai had encountered had been weighing heavily on him, a fact he hadn’t shared with anyone else before the mission; his betrayal hadn’t led to the entire team being picked up by New Republic security.

Turning his attention to the other people in the cargo bay he became very aware of the fact that although everyone in there wore Storm Trooper armour there was very mucha them and us attitude with the actual Imperial Storm Troopers sat bolt upright in their seats with their blaster rifles held firmly in their laps, the assorted bounty hunters that Sol had brought were less uniform. Looking between them he realised that he would much prefer to go in to battle with the bounty hunters around him over the Storm Troopers the moral compass of the Bounty Hunters was far easier to gauge than that of the troopers, despite Captain Celeste’s instruction for them to follow Grey Wing’s orders to the letter Sol couldn’t say he felt at ease with them along.

“Captain Harizzo” The comm buzzed again as the bridge called him “We have the Interdictor on sensors now she just translated into the system, her IFF has her named the Corusca Rainbow.”

Sol smiled and silently thanked the force that things were going well finally.

“Thank you, have us rendezvous with the Corusca Rainbow once she is in orbit.” Sol thought for a moment before adding “Actually wait 30 minutes before approaching the cruiser, let us see what happens”

For a moment he wished that Rhea was aboard with them, but he knew as often was the case that she felt more comfortable being else where when operations began. Ready to ride to the rescue as necessary.

They waited in orbit of Coruscant themselves as the Interdictor approached the planet and slipped into its own orbit, across the ship unknown to the Grey Wing assault team the transit crew was preparing to leave the vessel leaving behind at most the 50 souls who make up the ships skeleton crew. As the minutes ticked by they began to see shuttles leaving the Corusca Rainbow and making their way towards the Golan Platform.

“Bridge” Sol said as he felt they had waited long enough. “Hit it, get us aboard”


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