Let's Steal an Interdictor Cruiser

Posted on Friday April 2nd, 2021 @ 12:10am by Sol Harizzo & Sara Wood & Aldoh Damari & Kasee Mandu
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Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: New Republic Space
Timeline: MD12: 1920hrs

Sara Wood peeked out from behind her hiding spot as she looked to make sure it was safe to appear, so far the New Republic crew did not suspect that anyone else was aboard the Interdictor Cruiser, a roving patrol of three soldiers had just marched past her hideout, she glanced behind her to see that the Stormtroopers had taken cover to avoid detection.

Once the soldiers were out of sight, Sara stepped out from her hiding spot and glanced around to work out where she was and in what direction she ought to go next, they needed to neutralize the crew, seize control of engineering, and hijack the vessel and stave off retaliation from the infuriated New Republic, and somehow still deliver the vessel to their contractor in one piece.

Aldoh stepped out from where he was hiding, covered head to toe in stormtrooper armor, including the helmet, and carrying a blaster. The armor was uncomfortable (especially the helmet). The Morgukai Master much preferred his own cortosis armor. It was lighter weight, less constricting, and didn't have a helmet. And a blaster? Aldoh much preferred his cortosis staff. Sure, he sometimes carried a blaster pistol, just in case he got into a situation where he needed a ranged weapon, but as a main weapon? No. Just... no.

Aldoh turned to one of the stormtroopers with him. "Sergeant, can I safely I assume you know where the Security Control Center is?" he asked. "If we can take that, we can gas the crew into unconsciousness before they know what's going on. Presuming we don't stumble into a patrol on the way."

"Yes, sir," the trooper replied.

"Then lead the way," Aldoh replied. "Carefully. If we run into anyone, let Kasee dart them. We don't need the sounds of stun blasts echoing through the corridors."

The Armor is bulky and cumbersome, no wonder the Troopers cannot hit a thing, the vision is not the best either. Still, it was some protection and the Blaster did give him some degree of protection. He fell into step with Aldoh, the nice little thing about being a Field medic is the subtle 'Syringes and pressurized launchers used, some pressures used for larger aliens is enough to make a 'Launcher' in a tube. A mini missile and in trooper armor easy to keep in pouches along the belt. Let one go and drop dispose of the empty. These simple 'point and fire' devices could be palmed to you point your finger and the dart flies where directed.

Okay he lost a couple of clip refills but for the number of tube dart launchers it is a small price to pay. The canisters at the back of the belt was condensed and the small protrusion had the second container in it.

Sara left the others to go towards the security control station, she was headed towards engineering "Fan out and make sure you check your corners before proceeding we don't want to run into any of the crew," she told some of the Stormtroopers accompanying her.

"Yes sir," replied the lead trooper.

Sara had an eerie feeling walking around the 'empty' corridors of the cruiser, she was not alone as there were Stormtroopers with her but it seemed to be almost too quiet, something had to change sooner or later, she just hoped that the others got to the control room first and gassed the crew before trouble found her and her escort.

Sol purposely held back whilst they were inserting themselves on to the Interdictor he wanted to watch them and observe how the latest members of Grey Wing worked together. Each individually was a battle hardened operator of no small renown as a unit they were raw and lacked cohesion. The Stormtroopers moved as one, each covering another as they surged forward and then waited for everyone else to catch up.

Looking over at Aldoh he smiled before remembering his whole face was covered by a Stormtroopers helmet.

"Are you regretting joining us yet Aldoh?" He asked quietly as they continued to move forward.

"Only that I agreed to do this in Stormtrooper armor with a blaster instead of my own armor and weapon," Aldoh replied. "Nonetheless, I agree to do the job, and so I'll do it."

The sergeant ahead held up his hand to indicate they should stop. "Security is up ahead," he said.

"It appears we are here," Aldoh said to Sol. "Your orders?"

Sol shook his head at Aldoh.

"No orders, we are all professionals. You are free to proceed as you feel best" As he spoke he could see Sara starting to move.

Sara creeped forwards towards engineering noting that the Stormtroopers were moving with equal caution, as they neared a corridor Sara heard the unmissable sound of movement, a quick peek around the corner revealed two New Republic crew members with their backs to Sara and her escort of Stormtroopers, both appeared to be unarmed and oblivious to the danger that they were in.

The Stormtroopers escorting Sara opted to keep a low profile for the time being shooting the pair with their weapons set to stun, then they were safe to move on towards engineering, the bodies were moved out of the corridor into a storage room and left to be dealt with at a later date.

Despite not wanting to issue orders Sol realised quickly that no one was quite willing to take the lead.

"Kasee and I will head towards the environmental systems and prepare the knock out gas. Aldoh, Sara you two had best prepare to take the secondary bridge by engineering with the remaining Storm Troopers. Sol gestured to the Sergeant. Sergeant Axe here will follow your orders to the letter won't you Sergeant?"

The trooper nodded before verbally answering.

"Yes sir"

"I estimate we need 20 minutes to get everything sorted, you have that long to prepare the assault. Take the secondary bridge and give us control over the environmental systems."