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Two Ops, One Goal...

Posted on Thursday March 11th, 2021 @ 1:06pm by Rhea Nyx

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Aboard Venator-class Star Destroyer Kalifal nearing Coruscant
Timeline: MD12 - 1550

The Kalifal was the first to arrive in the sector, but for the moment they stayed back away from Coruscant itself, the remaining two ships hung back elsewhere for the time being. The Kalifal initiated a scan displaying activity around the planet. Rhea let Chu’a handle the details and comms with planet-side before calling him over to join her and others at the holotable.

“That’s our target,” Rhea said pointing to a spear-shaped ship spanning around 100 meters in length floating as a holographic image in front of everyone assembled. The holograms of COs of the Weequay and the Suraj flickered as they redirected their attention to where Rhea indicated.

“That?” C’hua spoke, his brow tight with confusion. Rhea nodded, her gaze traveling from one captain to the next but she remained silent.

“That’s a Republic Stealth Ship,” spoke up Arandis, the Captain of the Pirate Frigate Weequay. “There was a prototype used against the Separatists during the Clone Wars,” she said. “I didn’t think those were still around,” she added, unable to keep excitement from her voice.

Rhea nodded, placing her hands on her weapons belt, “Battle of Christophsis, specifically,” she said keeping her voice level. “Although this one pre-dates the one used on Christophsis by some time,” she added. She was met with looks of curiosity from everyone present.

“What are we dealing with here?” Braxton, the CO of the Suraj asked as his hologram flickered.

Rhea manipulated the holomap bringing up the ship’s schematics. “Laser cannons, proton torpedo launchers. 28 cloak projectors. Almost undetectable by scanners and sensors.” she listed off the features pointing each one out as she went on. “It can’t fire weapons whilst cloaked, but we don’t need it for that,” the Mandalorian continued. “I believe it would make a great addition to Magistrate K’Rae’s collection,” she added looking at each of the Captains in the room and allowing herself a small smile.

“What’s it doing here?” Asked Dianne. “And how do you know about it?” ignoring the look C’hua shot her through the holographic imaging table.

The Mandalorian turned to face Dezhat, her dark eyes not giving away anything Rhea may have felt about the questions or the woman who had asked them, “not the questions you should be asking right now, Ms Dezhat,” Rhea said. Dianne shot her a look which bounced off harmlessly as Rhea continued, “but I have my sources,” she said, “they are here to pick up supplies before heading to the Baji sector“ Rhea added, dangling that piece of intel to Dezhat and the rest.

“And what’s in the Baji sector?”

“Irrelevant for our purposes,” Rhea said shaking her head, “the ship won’t get there.” She stated simply.

“When do we move?” Braxton queried content with her answers for the moment.

Rhea hoped Sol and the rest would be arriving shortly, by her calculations, they had maybe an hour or two before the Gozanti-class made an appearance. Their target was nowhere in sight either.

“Expect several more ships to make an appearance over the next few hours.” She added without elaborating on details, Coruscant was a busy place. “For now we wait,” she added.

Dezhat raised an eyebrow, but a stern look from C’hua kept her quiet. If the Mandalorian noticed the exchange, she ignored it as she touched a point on a map, her fingers manipulating the image to show more details, “on my signal you make a move to take the Stealth ship,” she added. “Once the Suraj takes the ship, do a sweep to make sure to disable any tracking and comms equipment onboard then head to the Alpha Site,” she said. “Captain C’hua is aware of what to do next in case I’m not aboard” She went over the updated plan making sure all were aware of what was required from each of them. Timing would be essential here, timing was always essential in her line of work, Rhea thought.

“Are the fighters prepped?” she asked.

She heard a chorus of yeses in response, she nodded. “Good, I want the waves launched in varying time frames starting as soon as the Suraj and the Weequay jump in,” she reminded them, that part of the plan hasn’t changed. “Lay down cover fire, serve as a distraction whilst the Suraj tractors the Stealth Ship and makes an escape.” Part of her wishing she could take part in the upcoming battle amongst the assortment of Z95s, Flarestar-class attack shuttles, TIEs, V19s, Delta-7s, Y-Wings, and other fighters set to be deployed on her command. But she also knew for the moment she was needed out of the cockpit and this wasn’t her battle; ensuring the Interdictor makes its escape with Grey Wing aboard was her ultimate goal.

There were nods from around the holotable, Rhea brushed a hand past her hair and nodded. She brought her hands together in a quick clap. “Good. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get to work,” she said with a curt nod. “Captain Chu’a, if you will” she nodded towards the man, he stepped in and began issuing orders to his bridge crew and conferring with the other COs over comms leaving Rhea on her own at the holotable. Confident that C’hua knew what was required of him by now, Rhea turned her attention elsewhere.

The Protector saw the Gozanti-class ship drop out of hyperspace, narrowing her eyes briefly she got the confirmation she needed. “Su cuy’gar!” She murmured under her breath, for the moment content with the knowledge that Harizzo and the rest made it here in one piece. Now came the harder part: Essentially running two ops simultaneously, without anyone on the Kalifal picking up on the specifics of her real reason for being here; as far as they were concerned, taking the Stealth Ship was their only goal here. The less they knew, the better it was for Rhea and Grey Wing.

She threw a look over the bridge, Captain C’hua was busy issuing orders to make sure everything was set to go from his end, Rhea had to smile slightly watching the man work. Dianne Dezhant was looking over a monitor reading reports coming in from all sides. Content for now, Rhea slid her helmet over her head obscuring her face from everyone and checked the tiny screen on her vambrace. Keying in a command to discreetly open a secure channel to Harizzo and others.

“Welcome to Coruscant, folks,” she spoke under her breath, her voice calm and almost mesmerizing, letting Harizzo know she was in position. She keyed in more commands, tweaking comms to ensure the rest of Grey Wing won’t be distracted with the chatter that was to come between her and K’Rae’s ships. At the same time it allowed her to listen in and step in at a moment’s notice if necessary to help Grey Wing.

Minutes later, Grey Wing’s target, the Corusca Rainbow dropped in. Rhea’s gaze flickered over to the holomap. She recalled the ship’s internal layout based on the schematics she studied as part of her preparation.

“Oya!” Rhea murmured watching events unfold in real time as the Gozanti-class made a move towards the ship. She leaned into the holotable, observing things, part of her briefly wishing she was aboard the other ship along with the rest of the team but the Mandalorian was well aware her skills were in better use here. For the moment. She just had to time everything just right, hoping none of her backup plans would have to come into play. For now it was up to Sol and his team.


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