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Take That Room

Posted on Tuesday May 11th, 2021 @ 6:41pm by Rhea Nyx & Sol Harizzo & Sara Wood & Aldoh Damari

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Timeline: MD12: 1925hrs

Sara having secured engineering left half her Stormtrooper squad in control of engineering and they made their way towards the location of the secondary bridge, which according to the layout she'd downloaded from a nearby console was near her current position. Engineering had been easily overrun with only two New Republic personnel working on routine maintenance, both were neutralized but alive, under the protection of the Stormtroopers.

When Sara reached the entrance to the secondary bridge she and her escorting Stormtroopers had encountered no one else as they went, given there was a skeleton crew on the vessel, the likelihood was there wouldn't be many if any at all on the secondary bridge. Sara came to a halt outside the secondary bridge and tried to tap into a nearby computer console, but it was powered down, without access to it she was unable to determine just how many were on this bridge.

Aldoh motioned the Stormtroopers into position with hand signals and then got ready to rush the bridge.

Unlike the massive main bridge of the Interdictor, its secondary bridge was a much smaller and more intimate affair. Between engineering, ops, helm control and command, there wasn’t a lot of room to move about, aside from essential personnel required to keep things running. But size was very deceptive, each console held plenty of power to control all aspects of the ship from there in case of an emergency. but right now, the secondary bridge may as well be just another room filled with screens and monitors.

A curse rang out from underneath a console panel at the engineering station as sparks briefly lit up the room. A large male figure grunted, pushing himself out from underneath the console.

“Can we make sure next time we get parts that *actually* work when installed??!?” He shot at the other man who was manning the operations console and the man leaning over the command console. The burly Vup tossed a mangled mass of metal and wiring aside and looked at what was in front of him in terms of tools and assorted parts.

“Take it up with leadership,” the blonde slim athletic-built male shrugged, tossed a look over at his other companion then turned his attention back to the ops panel. As a relative newcomer to the group, he was still concerned in proving himself to the others, and maybe one day he’ll actually be allowed on the main bridge of a ship “that surge better not have fried anything else,” he added, a note of concern in his voice as he initiated another diagnostic.

“It shouldn’t, engineering would be on our ass already,” Vup replied, “unless the comms are down again,” he flashed a quick grin shrugging his wide shoulders before he picked up another tool from nearby and dove back under the console to continue his repairs.

“Nope, comms are up,” the young man replied quickly as he double checked his results, “Kel, please tell me comms are up?” He asked, addressing the 30-something old dark-haired humanoid busily toying with the command console.

“Ops says comms are up, that means they’re up. ” Kelton replied absently ignoring the younger man’s semi-neurotic attitude. “Learn to trust the diagnostics data, Ben’te” he added.

“Yes, sir…” the younger man spoke softly, Ben’te took in a long breath, pursed his lips close but otherwise remained silent as he stared at the screen in front of him.

“The faster we get this fixed & configured, the faster we can get down to Coruscant and join the others,” Kelton said to the other two. “I need internal sensors back online properly too, Vup”

“One crisis at a time, Kel” came a brisque response followed by a series of low curses finished off with what passed for a triumphant outburst.

Kelton blinked, looking up from his own work he stole a glance over at the engineering station. “Dare I ask, status?” He queried as Vup untangled himself from the console he was under.

Vup waved a hand holding up a finger asking for a moment as he keyed in a few commands into the console in front of him. “Good to go here,” he finally said.

Kelton breathed a sigh of relief, he one step closer to handing this bridge off to another team and catching some much needed R and R down on Coruscant. “Ben’te?” He asked.

The young man ran a series of diagnostics, his face filling with a myriad of reactions from a frown to eyebrows shooting up to a smile and a confused look. “Helm checks out. Navigation operational but needs an update. Weapons online..sort of… Environmental controls good to go.” He rattled off a list of every system and its status. “Sensors..” He trailed off

“That’ll take some time,” Vup said bringing up another diagnostic in front of him.

Kelton nodded, “good. Get it done. I’ll look into navigation,” he noted as the trio went back to work completely oblivious to anything going on outside the room.

Outside, Aldoh turned to the sergeant. "On my signal, quietly as you can stack your troopers either side of the hatch," he said, speaking quietly. "Toss four stun grenades into the secondary bridge. After they go off, enter and stun anyone not taken out by the grenades. And let me be very clear. You will stun them, not kill them. because if you or your troopers kill any of them, I will personally hang each of you by your necks until dead using a rope made of your own intestines. Am I making myself absolutely clear, Sergeant?"

The Sergeant nodded curtly, “Yes, Sir!” Axe signalled his men to ensure their weapons were set to stun. A quick check by each trooper confirmed the same. Axe gave a hand signal and his men assumed their positions as requested and the men waited for their signal to move in.

Sara and her troopers meanwhile were in position on the other side of the room "As soon as we hear the stun grenades go off we go in, set your weapons for stun, we don't want to kill anyone let alone our own people," she told the Stormtrooper leader.

"Understood mam," replied the Corporal who ensured that the weapons were set for stun.

Aldoh signalled with his hand and the troopers stacked on either side of the open hatch. On Aldoh's next signal, they primed four stun grenades and tossed them into the secondary bridge. There was a bright flash as the grenades went off and then the troopers were entering to stun anyone left standing.

“What the…?” Kelton had a moment to look up from his console as the commotion began, the two guards inside took positions before Kelton or his teammates could recover. What came next was a far cry from what Kelton wanted or needed anytime soon.

“Take cover!” blinded, his ears ringing from the stun grenades, Kelton found his voice a little too late as one of the guards dropped to the ground beside him and the room suddenly and quickly began filling with stormtroopers. Kelton couldn’t tell if the guard was stunned or dead, as the second guard fired off shots expertly stopping several troopers in their tracks as his shots hit their armour.

Kelton stumbled to the side, fiddled for his DH17, raised his weapon and fired a shot that went wild but still managed to hit another trooper sending him dropping to the ground just as he’d entered the room. Sergeant Axe turned his weapon to return fire, but whoever fired the shot was gone, a flash of fabric giving away the Republic man’s position behind a console. Axe chose not to take the shot to avoid hitting the console instead of the intended target. He moved ahead as behind him the other troopers cleared the area dealing with the remaining guard.

Sergeant Axe motioned for his men to target the others as he swept the area with his weapon. He held up a hand, first holding up one finger then a second one, signalling there were likely one or two more people remaining. One was a certainty, the second was a possibility given the set of tools spread around the engineering console and the fact that the other two men had initially been found at other consoles.

“Find them, don’t damage the equipment,” he ordered his men, briefly wanting to switch the setting of his weapon to kill, he could always claim it was an accident, but somehow he suspected it wouldn’t fly with the earlier threat. Axe preferred his life and his people’s lives intact.

One of the stormtroopers came around, spotting the telltale fabric of a shirt behind one of the consoles. He trained his weapon in front as he walked towards. Kelton sat on the side, his eyes closed, his weapon still in his hand which lay across his stomach. Unsure if the New Republic man was still alive or unconscious, the stormtrooper trained his weapon on the man. Kelton’s eyes snapped open as he raised his DH17 and fired up at the trooper. A shot from the side stopped any further action from Kelton as his body hit the ground.

For a bigger man, Vup moved far quicker than the rest. Hydrospanner still in hand, the engineer ducked behind a console reaching for the blaster at his side as shots rang out around him. He wasn’t sure how many stormtroopers were there, but it was obvious he, Kelton and Ben’te were outnumbered and without backup. ‘Damn these bucketheads are getting smarter,’ he thought keeping his breath steady as the yelps ceased and the shuffle of boots, implying one thing, his teammates were incapacitated or dead and no backup was coming in.

He narrowed his eyes, listening for the footsteps, trying to figure out which direction they came from. Vup was well aware the odds weren’t in his favour and he was running out of time. But he was raised to fight back, he wasn’t going to stop now. Gripping his weapons tight, he considered his options, they were even more limited than the secondary bridge space. Vup raised himself to his full height, hydrospanner in one hand, his service weapon in other. He tossed the spanner at the likely leader of the group, as his weapon fired off shots at the white armoured men. If he was going down, he’d be taking several of these bucketheads with him, he figured.

Axe felt the hydrospanner hit his armour, denting the plastoid composite material as his fellow troopers trained their weapons on Vup and fired several shots his way cutting him down to the ground in a quick fashion before he could hit any more of their people.

The troopers continued to scout the area, calling an all-clear soon after.

“Check their life signs,” Sergeant Axe ordered. The remaining troopers obeyed, confirming the New Republic personnel were alive and all was clear. “Casualties?” Axe queried. He had his answer shortly after, one of his men was dead, three injured and were already being tended to by their teammates. He wasn’t sure he liked that report, but orders to stun instead of kill were orders to stun and not kill. He made a mental note to mention that detail to Captain Celeste as he turned to Aldoh and Sara.

“The secondary bridge is ours,” He spoke, keeping his voice neutral.

Sara entered the bridge just as the last New Republic crew member was stunned into submission she looked around there was no sign of enemy movement what so ever "Secure the hatch," she ordered her Stormtroopers "Let's get the environmental controls activated so Sol can gas anyone else left awake," she added meaning Aldoh.

Aldoh nodded and with the help of a stormtrooper, found the environmental controls and activated them. He called Sol on his commlink. "Environmental Controls activated." he said. "You may proceed."


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