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Lift off and it all goes wrong

Posted on Sunday August 30th, 2020 @ 3:24pm by Sol Harizzo

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Shuttle Zeta
Timeline: MD0-04:37

Sol looked behind himself as he slipped into the pilots chair of the Nu-class shuttle that had been one of the first things he had purchased after selling the fighters and parts he had lifted from the Rebellion. There was a level of comfort to this craft that he didn't feel with the other shuttles the wing maintained and operated, perhaps it was the lived in feel of the shuttle or perhaps he mused to himself it's just a sign that I'm getting old.

Sat on the benches in the back he could see two of the IG class droid's they made frequent use of, both of them were dinged up and were in dire need of an oil bath and some TLC. It wasn't something either of them would see for a while. Next to them he could see Carlist Rokenan the Wing's money man it wasn't unusual to see the rotund gentlemen sweating over this or that but today he looked positively beside himself over something Sol resolved to ask the man what was bothering him once they were under way. Something about the man's demeanour put Sol on edge and he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was.

Shaking his head as he tried to clear his thoughts he checked the stations scanners via the ships short wave link. His heart sank as he saw it had registered the arrival of the Republic Fleet intent on wiping out their enterprise once and for all, he really only had himself to blame for pushing their luck so far and relying on the actions of the Imperial remnant to keep them safe. Sol realised there and then he should have figured that the infighting he was aware of between the remnant would have pulled their focus inwards away from the Rebellion. Still chastising himself he finished his pre-flight checks and wished momentarily he was flying The Duchess but she was squirrelled away and was not an every day ride. She would leave a mark on the fleet that this shuttle simply couldn't achieve, the best Zeta could do would be to scratch a fighter's shields.

X-Wing could be seen bearing down on the station and its hanger by Sol's calculation he had about 1 minute and 30 seconds left to live if he didn't get out of here, he set his course with one of the pre-computed hyperspace jumps that everyone in Grey Wing carried. No two ships carried the same coordinates to ensure that if anyone was compromised it wouldn't help whomever was after them. 3 pre-programmed jumps later Sol would take over and carry out a few extra jumps to ensure that there was no way they were being followed before finally heading to their destination. Long distance laser fire started splashing against the shuttles shields as Sol kicked the ship up to full throttle 10 seconds later he pushed the hyperspace lever and the ship jumped away.

The next hour was fraught with the worry that somehow the New Republic had followed him, especially when he jumped into a system to find several Z95's flying nearby. He only calmed down when it became apparent they were local's just out protecting their stretch of space. Finally he was satisfied that they were in fact clear and he set the course to head towards Zhar and its second moon where the other members of Grey Wing would pass through before their final destination was chosen. He knew that Rhea would be there already as she headed out first long before the New Republic arrived. Leaving the shuttle on its course he went back to the compartment to speak to Carlist, both of the IG droids were powered down so as to conserve power so it was just the pair of them privy to what was said.

"Okay Carlist" Sol put his hands on his hips as he addressed the money man "What has got you all turned inside out? You look like you just found a hungry Rancor after you.

== 9 hours later ==

Sol wasn't quite sure what moon they had landed on. It just happened to be the closest one with an atmosphere he could breath. He couldn't really profess to remember exactly how he got here; his rage was too great. The sun was beginning to rise over the horizon as Sol sat by the shuttles lowered boarding ramp, his legs folded underneath him with his hands on top of each other in his lap. Throughout his time in the Imperial military he had been ribbed by those around him for his high republic stance he took whilst meditating, he didn't know why he favoured that position nor why he found such solace in the process of mediation. It really was an odd thing for an Imperial military officer to do, it was probably even more weird for a mercenary to partake in.

The news Carlist had given him wasn't good for Sol, for Rhea nor for the rest of Grey Wing. The good fortune and open doors they had enjoyed over the past 18 months had all come from the 'benevolent' hand of a Hutt it didn't make sense for anyone to take that option as Hutt's were notoriously bad at keeping to an arrangement which didn't benefit them greatly over the other party. Carlist had explained that initially he didn't know of the Hutt connection; it had just been an unnamed 3rd party who was eager to employ the fledgling group.

Later by the time he had known about the connection with the Hutt's it was already far too late to extricate themselves from the muddy pool they were now frolicking in. His attempt at pulling away had led to the New Republic attack on Grey Wing had been their engineered response and they had made sure that Carlist knew, and now that Sol knew about the message from the Hutts Carlist was gone.

There was however one problem with Carlist being gone. Sol was wracking his brain trying to remember where exactly Carlist had gone too. As he himself had no memory of what had transpired in the past 8 or 9 hours. There was no trace of him anywhere on this moon, he didn't show up on the shuttle's sensor sweeps and all of Carlist’s possessions were gone too.

Trying to remember just brought blankness to his memories, wel not just a blankness he also felt a wave of anger too when he tried too hard to remember.

Not knowing what he had done to Carlist scared Sol somewhat, he was more affected by it as it wasn’t the first time that he had lost time like this. Back when he was in the Imperial Navy he had sometimes lost days of mission time from his brain, at the time had been told he was simply protecting himself by the medics - but this was the first time it had occurred since leaving the Imperial Navy.
Not yet feeling well enough to pilot the shuttle, Sol resolved to sit there until he did or until he had a reason to move and meet up with the rest of Grey Wing.


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