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Here We Go Again

Posted on Wednesday August 26th, 2020 @ 1:49am by Rhea Nyx

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Horizon Base
Timeline: MD0 — 0320

The klaxons blared across the base, shattering Rhea Nyx’s concentration, she sighed and absently rubbed at the bridge of her nose momentarily tearing her eyes away from the holo map she was studying intently for most of the evening and well into the night now.

“Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. Head for rendezvous Charlie and we will regroup there. The New Republic has a strike fleet due here in less than 8 hours.” The message announced before switching to a shorter message that just repeated the urgency to evacuate. Frowning at the announcement, the Mandalorian closed her eyes for a moment taking in a long breath ‘Haar'chak! Now you’ve done it, Harizzo’ she thought as she let out her breath as the klaxon blared on.

She tuned the message out, her mind quickly shifting gears, her body already moving into action as she picked up her helmet, thumbed the holomap off and strode out of the room at a quick pace. Even on the ground, Rhea Nyx tended to move fast as if she'd already sighted her target.

They all knew the drill by now, and this time the evacuation was real; every single person on base had a job to do, including the Mandalorian woman now moving towards living quarters at a quick pace. She tuned out the people rushing around her, trusting them to do what they were each assigned. Rhea stopped by Sol Harizzo’s quarters, in part to check up on him, in part to let him know she was about to make a move. With a curt nod the Mandalorian disappeared moving swiftly on as she donned her helmet.

She didn't bother going to her own living quarters. Other than the armour, the 2 Westar-35s and the jetpack she wore, the Mandalorian didn’t have much in terms of personal possessions. Rhea Nyx didn’t need anything else, not much else would fit inside what she considered to be her prized possession and the last remaining link to her past: her Fang Fighter. That's all she needed to put up a fight or make a hasty getaway at any given moment.

The Mandalorian Protectorate fighter sat parked slightly farther away than the mix of X-Wings, Y-Wings, a B-Wing and bigger ships Grey Squadron managed to amass so far, the Fang was on a smaller scale compared to the rest of the fleet, but size wasn't everything, Rhea smiled briefly under the helmet at the thought. She had to shake her head in slight amusement at the sight of the current mix of ships. To say that her own ship looked out of place, would be a massive understatement. Not that the owner of said ship fitted in any better, she thought to herself. She tapped at the side of her helmet scanning for life signs already on board the bigger ships, and pilots scrambling to get to their fighters, Rhea looked to the buildings to see how many more were left to evacuate and estimated how long it should take them to clear out fully. Satisfied with the progress, the Mandalorian headed for her own fighter.

After doing a quick walk around to check for any stray problems on her fighter, Rhea climbed up on the fuselage and settled in the pilot’s seat. She took in a few breaths and let them out, a slow smile spreading across her lips under the helmet. in well-practiced swift succession that only came with many years of experience the canopy shut as she fired up the Fang’s engines quickly going through the pre-flight checklist all at once as she flipped switches and activated the controls. The ship truly felt like part of her as she coaxed the Fang to lift off and hang in the air briefly. As the landing struts disappeared into the fuselage, Rhea pressed the joystick swinging the ship around in a sharp turn and headed away from the planet.

“At least this time, they had a heads up...” she spoke as Grey Squadron’s now former base disappeared behind her. 'But there will be a time they won't and you can't do anything about it...' She pushed the impending memories out of her mind, she didn’t have time for this right now, especially when there was a severe lack of anything to shoot at or blow up at the moment. Squaring her shoulders and keying in the rendezvous point, Rhea quickly selected the hyperspace lanes she would have to take to get to her destination faster and avoid potential issues along the way. Now it was just a matter of getting to the Zhar system and making sure there wasn't any trouble there before the rest of the squadron arrived.

‘this time they had a heads up…’ the thought floated up in her mind once again. Growling, Rhea punched the key to take her into hyperspace a little too hard; as the Fang jumped away she once again pushed the thought out of her mind, hopefully leaving it behind, but she knew she was only kidding herself yet again. Her past seemed to follow her everywhere, and yet she somehow always survived. 'the others didn't,' she bitterly thought to herself. She grunted, her hand tightening on the flight stick as her other hand balled up into a fist. "I am not letting it happen again." she spoke.

She glanced at the map, checking the routes again, it'll be a while before she reached her destination. She had at least 12 hours, maybe sleep would be good right now. Rhea closed her eyes, forcing herself to at least attempt to get some rest whilst the Fang darted through hyperspace. In case there's any surprises on the moon that would require her touch, she wanted to make sure she had a chance to rest prior to a fight whether in space or on the ground.


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