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Uncovering the Bolthole…

Posted on Wednesday August 26th, 2020 @ 2:01am by Rhea Nyx

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Zhar System
Timeline: MD0 — 1500

A sharp beep from the Fang’s systems jolted the Mandalorian awake. Fully alert in an instant, Rhea checked the systems just as the fighter slipped out of hyperspace. She glanced around, it seemed quiet, her ship’s sensors didn’t pick up anything out of the ordinary right away.

‘Doesn’t mean there was nothing there,’ she thought as she initiated another scan and set course for the second moon of the system. No patrols anywhere nearby, good, even if she was itching for a firefight right now. Shooting down a patrol would just alert whoever sent them to possible trouble in the sector and cause issues for the arriving Squadron; Rhea was here to prevent said trouble, not cause it.

Grey Wing wouldn’t be staying here for long, just enough to wait things out (however long that took), refuel their ships, regroup, get some rest and move on. To where, Rhea wasn’t entirely sure yet, Sol had been handling that side of things, leaving her to focus on some of the day-to-day tactical ground operations as well as planning and executing ground and air strikes where needed.

As the Fang shot through space nearing the moon, Rhea had to wonder maybe it was time she got more involved in the ‘business’ side of Grey Wing. Especially if she were to continue protecting its members.

“Protect them? They don’t even know your name...” she murmured to herself as she landed her ship on the surface of the moon a short distance away from the location that would serve as their new temporary home. ‘It’s not them you’re protecting...’ she reminded herself shutting down her ship’s systems. Once a Protector, always a Protector, even if the focus of said protection shifted given circumstances.

‘Oh, Yeah, because getting involved in the business side of things worked *extremely* well for you last time...’ she thought, jumping down to the ground. ‘Stick to the business side of weapons and flying,’ she thought, her hand tracing at the wing of her fighter. ‘That’s what you’re good for,’ she added taking in a deep breath.

With a quick shake of her head to dismiss the thoughts, Rhea Nyx tapped at the side of her helmet scanning the area for any life signs that may be a threat and needed to be cleared away before the rest of the Grey Wing got here. Not finding anything that warranted a Mandalorian approach to deal with for the moment, Rhea made her way to the heart of their bolt hole leaving the parked Fang sitting in the shadows.

Once inside, she was quick to assess the place and verify she was alone. It looked and probably smelled like the place hadn’t been used in years, which was probably the case for all she knew, but the Mandalorian didn’t bother with that for now. She spent most of the day taking stock of and checking the outdated equipment, fuel tanks, energy sources & everything else that had been stashed there. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for now. Bringing the systems online, she checked the comms and activated long range scanners to alert her when there was anything coming in for a landing or if there was an impending threat coming her way.

After she was sure everything was clear and up and running, Rhea took a break to have some food. As she ate, she wondered what they had available to them on the moon in addition to what was in the hideout currently. She closed her eyes picturing the moon from memory, choosing to ignore the stale air of the hideout that was assaulting her senses, it'll clear out soon enough; there wasn’t much else on the moon as she recalled. Maybe she should check it out, just to be sure, it beat just sitting around and waiting. Rhea *really* hated waiting.

Taking a drink of water, she set the container aside and fired up the old holotable. Bringing up a map of the system and its moon, Rhea flicked through the details seeing what was there and comparing it to what she remembered was there when she last had a look at the system.

“Standard life-less moon, perfect for a bolthole” she noted, curious how long has it been since this place saw any life signs other than hers just now. She cast a side glance at her helmet, perched near the holotable she was at, then turned her gaze back to the projection. The holotable was not dissimilar to the one her mother used to teach her how to analyze battles & form strategies of upcoming skirmishes when Rhea was growing up; the same holotable her father taught her about the mechanics and other details of the ships he was teaching her how to fly in at the time. Shaking off the impending memories & the emotions that were sure to follow, Rhea refocused on the present as her hands worked the controls.

Looking over the data, Rhea thought it wasn’t a bad idea to go explore the place nearby, if only because it would give her something else to do; she checked her vambraces and keyed in a command to sync with the equipment on base, routing the long range sensor scans to alert her of any incoming ships whilst she was away. She estimated she still had a few hours before the first of the rest of the people got here, but one had to be prepared for many surprises, especially these days.

Sliding her helmet over her head and breaking into a run, the Mandalorian headed out of the hideout, her next target firm in her mind.

She was back two hours later, at least the run and activity kept her mind busy whilst she waited for the rest of the squadron to show up, and she didn’t have to deal with her past gnawing at her. Besides, ensuring that the nearby area was relatively safe and secure was a bigger priority as far as she was concerned. Leaving her helmet on the holotable again, Rhea drank more water as she checked the long-range scanners, no sign of trouble or any of the incoming ships yet. According to her estimations, she still had at least an hour before anyone of them even started showing up. That all depended on which routes they took and whether they ran into any trouble along the way.

Taking another drink of water, Rhea brought schematics of the hideout up on the holotable and leaned against it eyeing the details in front of her. One way in and out meant relative safety, but it also meant they were screwed if they were attacked and forced to retreat inside. She pinpointed a few weak spots where thermal detonators could be placed safely without bringing down the whole place on the people inside and providing them with an exit route to the surface right where the landing site for most of the ships was meant to be.

‘And then what…?’ She wondered, “then you keep running and fighting. That’s what you do nowadays, isn’t it, Rhea?” she spoke to herself, she glanced at the silent long-range sensor scans, then her eyes shifted back to the holotable. 'Not like I had much of a choice.' she thought to herself, her hands idly working the controls to shift to a cross section of the moon then back to the layout of the hideout. It took her a minute before she pushed herself away from the holotable and moved to pick up the thermal detonators and went about her next task. She wouldn't have to blow them just yet, but it's best to be ready, just in case they would require an alternative exit. She keyed in a command on a vambrace making sure the charges were set to go off the moment she activated them.

Satisfied, Rhea went back to the table and brought up schematics of the ships the Squadron had had access to at this point in time. Even if she hasn't flown some of those ships herself, she definitely went up against them all before and knew what they were capable of. Over the years she's spent honing her skills, the Mandalorian could pretty much fly and coax some interesting maneuvers out of anything that was capable of flight once she's had a chance to study the schematics. Even if she was already familiar with all the schematics she was looking through right now, the exercise was more out of habit to keep her senses sharp and focused. In that regard at least, she had her father's mind and approach when it came to handling ships of all kinds. Besides, it gave her something to do whilst she waited & it staved off the itch to go shoot something for the time being.


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