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Waiting Around...

Posted on Sunday September 6th, 2020 @ 3:39pm by Rhea Nyx
Edited on on Tuesday September 8th, 2020 @ 6:48pm

Mission: When a Hutt Laughs
Location: Zhar System
Timeline: MD1 - 0011

The Mandalorian woman watched a pair of X-Wing land signalling the arrival of the last few members of the squadron. Arms crossed, Rhea watched as the pilots were helped out of their ships and directed where to get fuel for their ships and bodies. She went over the mental list of people who made it so far, and those who’ve yet to make it. The numbers weren’t bad, they were bound to lose a few in transit, she didn’t know whether it was because they were caught up in a firefight, captured or they decided to straight-up make a run for it.

As she moved through to head back inside the command center, she cast a glance around, her eyes moving over the pilots and members of the squadron already present observing each and every one of them. Those who have arrived safely a long time ago were getting restless. Rhea could understand them, considering none of them had a lot of information to go on. She’s kept them busy, making sure they refuel their ships, get some rest, fix any minor issues with their ships if able, take a break and gather up their energies as they all waited for everyone else to show up.

She ignored the small group that gathered to play Sabacc by one of the capital ships as the massive ship was being refuelled. There was little else to do on the desolate rock, really. As long as everyone didn't get too complacent, Rhea didn't mind how they chose to spend their time. Things seemed calm for now, Rhea ran a hand through her short dark hair, her thoughts shifted to those yet to land. The squadron’s leader, Sol Harizzo was long overdue now, and people were beginning to take notice.

‘Is he taking the scenic route?’ She wondered to herself as she turned her attention to the holotable, her helmet still sat nearby. Rhea brought up what, by now, used to be Horizon base on the holotable. She called up all possible hyperspace routes from there to the bolt hole. Tight-lipped, the Mandalorian pushed aside the bustling noises of crews and denizens around her as she focused on narrowing down which route Sol could’ve taken to get to the system that would take him so long to get here.

Ten minutes later, Rhea pushed herself away from the holotable with a long sigh. She eliminated all the routes, Grey Wing’s Squadron leader should’ve been here by now. Yet he wasn’t. Either Sol Harizzo took a detour or he didn’t make it off the base at all. She frowned, considering the Grey Wing’s options in the worst-case scenario. They’d have to move soon, or risk being found out and possibly ambushed, she couldn’t let that happen. And she would have to figure out what happened to Sol, too.

‘Haar'chak, Harizzo!’ the thought was fast becoming her most frequent one given the recent events, Rhea wasn’t too happy about it as she tapped the bridge of her nose with a gloved hand.

“Ma’am? Where is Capt Harizzo?” One of the A-Wing pilots asked breaking into Rhea’s thoughts. She knew the query was directed at her, most of the squad had no idea how to address her to her face. The Mandalorian turned, her eyes settling on the younger human, the pilot was one of the first to arrive at the moon many hours ago.

“He’ll be here, Lieutenant Shai.” She said evenly as she reached for her helmet, her mind already set on her next target.

“And if he won’t?” He asked, concern clear in his voice.

“We’ll blow up that bridge when we get to it,” Rhea spoke evenly as she slid her helmet over her head. “For the moment, check your sublight engines. Left needs re-calibration. Then sit tight,” her tone was clear that this wasn’t a suggestion, “I’ll be on comms,” she added as she strode away cutting off further queries from the pilot.

Right now Rhea Nyx needed to be alone to figure out what the next steps would be if Sol failed to show up. At the same time, if he did show up, they seriously needed to have a long talk. She suppressed the anger rising within her as she briefly clenched a hand around one of her Westars in its holster strapped to her leg as she made her way to her Fang, her mind already going over dozens of possibilities and scenarios.

Nobody saw Sol leave the Horizon base, that worried Rhea, but she knew it probably meant he was the last to leave. That’s what she would’ve done if she wasn’t the one to go ahead to scout out the bolt hole. Who thought her going ahead was a bright idea? She shook her head.

Part of her somehow knew Sol was still alive. He had to be. The other option was out of the question. If he were dead she’d hunt him down and kill him again, just because he brought it on himself in the first place. And if he’s gotten his arse kidnapped, well, that complicated things somewhat. The Mandalorian woman let out a long breath at the thought. 'blow that bridge up when, and if, we get to it,' she reminded herself silently.

Rhea focused on her Fang Fighter, doing a walk-around, tracing the edges of the ship with a gloved hand. Somehow the action gave her some peace of mind. She closed her eyes, her hand settling on the laser cannon on one of the pivoting wings. She remembered every single shot that cannon took and all the ones that brought down an enemy, but she felt she’ll need more than her Fang’s weapons to handle the possible trouble coming up. She opened her eyes and looked up at the sky as if calling out to Sol mentally, a gloved hand resting on the wing of her Fang. She stood like that for what seemed like ten, maybe twenty minutes, her eyes searching the sky as if she would see anything before the long-range scanners did. Not for the first time, Rhea Nyx wondered what she's managed to get herself into this time.

She glanced down at the rocky areas where the bolt hole was hidden, her helmet picked up life signs showing her exactly where people were. She could make out silhouettes of various ships that weren’t fully hidden away by the environment. It seemed like the people down there were all minding their own business for now. Bidding time until the next mission. Almost as if they weren’t on the run for their lives. She had to chuckle at the thought of Grey Squad not being on the run for their lives, not fighting for their survival, considering the position she herself was in right now. She had to wonder how many of them remembered what it was like not to be on the run for their lives. Ever since the Empire went on their little galaxy-conquering quest. Rhea suppressed a memory clawing at her on the edge of the rising anger; she forcefully pushed the thought out of her mind, focusing her thoughts back on the squad and the present conundrum.

Whatever walks of life members of the Grey Wing Squad all came from, they shared a common goal, most of the time, even if their own personal reasons varied widely. The squad seemed to look up to her for leadership when Sol wasn’t around, it was a role she stepped into somewhat reluctantly yet naturally & without the need to discuss it with Sol at the time. It seemed like so long ago now that it just kind of happened without either of them needing to discuss it. It's like they both knew what needed to be done.

A beep emanated from one of her gauntlets breaking into her thoughts. She tapped at the controls as she broke into a run towards the base. The long-range sensors she configured to send a signal her way earlier had picked up an incoming ship, just as the radar tech had alerted her over comms.

“Identify” she called out to the radar tech manning the station. She hoped it was one of their last incoming pilots or Sol. It HAD to be Sol or trouble. Or both. Most likely both, especially since at times it felt like Sol and trouble went hand-in-hand. The same can be said for herself, she knew too well, only her own flavour of trouble usually ended up badly for those she failed to protect.

“Ready the A-Wings, ground teams take positions, non-essential personnel get out of sight,” she moved with efficiency as she called out the orders, any doubts she had earlier were thrown aside as she found her new focus.

People were already moving in familiar patterns, Rhea knew the mercenaries and soldiers were taking their positions, she would join them soon. Shai was likely already at his A-Wing, medics were on standby just in case.

The Mandalorian sighted the tech and headed straight for the blonde woman.

“It’s Shuttle Zeta. Captain Harizzo is likely aboard,” the tech confirmed shortly looking back at Rhea.

Rhea breathed a sigh of relief at the news, her helmeted head bobbing lightly down and up in a nod of acknowledgement of the news.

“All teams stand down,” she called out over the comms, “Get Zeta checked and refuelled ASAP when it lands. I’ll handle the Captain.”

Rhea moved towards the landing zone, her helmet’s scanner catching the shuttle as it came down for a landing. Oh, a long conversation with Harizzo was definitely long overdue given what had transpired and his tardiness. But perhaps it would have to wait until they got to their final destination. Whether the Mandalorian woman ended up slugging him now or later was a whole other concern. Provided he was the one aboard the shuttle in the first place; both her hands curled around the Westars, gently lifting them out of their holsters, ready to train them on whoever ended up emerging from the shuttle.


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