Project Hermes

Created by Sol Harizzo on Wednesday August 26th, 2020 @ 10:38pm

Even before the beginning of the clone wars Darth Sidious was preparing for his new empire, he originated several super secret projects all aimed at ensuring his legacy if he fell or simply aimed at ensuring his Empire would continue uninterrupted. One such project was named Hermes and centred around taking Jedi or other force sensitive humanoids and using several brainwashing techniques he would later pass on to the brilliantly insane Ysanne Isard to overwrite the conscious mind to make them a sleeper agent. These techniques were enhanced by the use of his own dark powers which were used to strip away peoples identities. Darth Sidious had ensure that many force sensitive subjects that were captured before in the lead up to the separatists declaring their independence, those that were captured were quietly transferred to the citadel where they were tortured before being frozen in carbonite to facilitate easy transport to one of Sidious’ numerous hidden locations where he was able to work on them at his leisure.

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